Chae Yeon (채연)

Caught her latest MV (My Love) on Pops in Seoul 2007 last Friday and I thought she was smoking hot! I think she looks better that other Korean sexpot, Lee Hyo-ri, but I’ve yet to see any of Hyo-ri’s MVs.

Chae Yeon


Here’s a mini-profile of the chick:

Real name: Lee Jin-sook (이진숙)

Stage name: Chae Yeon (채연)

Date of birth: Dec 10, 1978

Known for: Dancing skills and beauty (you don’t say!)

Lucky break: Hit single off second album (Virginalness Bloom – I’m sorry, but WHAT!?) entitled Two of Us (둘이서).

What’s poppin’ now? My Love, single off her fourth album of the same name.


  • It’s My Time (2003)
  • Virginalness Bloom (2004)
  • III (2005)
  • Best & Figure (2006)
  • My Love (2007)