Chae Yeon (채연)

Caught her latest MV (My Love) on Pops in Seoul 2007 last Friday and I thought she was smoking hot! I think she looks better that other Korean sexpot, Lee Hyo-ri, but I’ve yet to see any of Hyo-ri’s MVs.

Chae Yeon


Here’s a mini-profile of the chick:

Real name: Lee Jin-sook (이진숙)

Stage name: Chae Yeon (채연)

Date of birth: Dec 10, 1978

Known for: Dancing skills and beauty (you don’t say!)

Lucky break: Hit single off second album (Virginalness Bloom – I’m sorry, but WHAT!?) entitled Two of Us (둘이서).

What’s poppin’ now? My Love, single off her fourth album of the same name.


  • It’s My Time (2003)
  • Virginalness Bloom (2004)
  • III (2005)
  • Best & Figure (2006)
  • My Love (2007)


  1. Some of the posters on here make me feel like I'm back in elementary school.

    I find it hard to actually take these people seriously when their posts consist of curse words and insults.

    That being said, I believe that both singers have their appeal, and comparing the two is just… not a good thing >.>

  2. Yeah, great role model….as a slut! Have you seen her new mv?! It totally screams cheap and desperate!

  3. i totally agree with what a lot have said about hyori and chae yeon. although, both beautiful, but in their own ways. their voices are great in different tones. maybe hyori have higher pitch, but chae yeon’s voice is mesmerizing. to conclude, i like chae yeon much better because she’s more REAL. she present herself in a way that everyone can and will respect. if you want to be a role model to young teens/kids, you must know how to present yourself. this is something chae yeon definitely know how to do. more power to you chae yeon! keep on doin what you doin. you’ve always believed in yourself. therefore, always know that you have millions of fans who believe in you as well.

  4. omg !!
    chae yeon is better than hyori lee (i love hyori too)
    did you guy watch hi five ?
    in one episode she proved that she's a real singer even high note
    she's really pretty and good dancer
    well chae yeon fighting <3

  5. hyori is pretty, but i like chae yeon more cause of what she went thru and her voice. I don’t know why she got so many anti’s. Her personality is cute…hyori sometimes dress like a stripper to me, especially in the picture where she was on top of a dancer with a whip….

  6. come on guys.. no need to compare one person to another. cos everyone has her own uniqueness. some people say that chae yeon is pretty and sexy. than some other people say that hyori is prettier and sexier. it’s not necessary to compare them. the most important thing is that they both rock the world of music with their own way. they both are pretty and sexy. if u don’t like chae yeon than leave it, drop it just like that. no need to mock her or else. let’s put it this way, if u’re her, then u read those crap, you’ll feel so sad cos people are talking negative about you eventhough you don’t really know who they really are. try to see them in some other points of view, not just based on their looks.

  7. some ppl need to tone down their jealousy! both girls are great, but let’s face it, hyori is kpop’s queen and chaeyeon will never reach that status!

  8. OMG ppl how can u say that bithch hoyri is better she is a fucking bith i fucking hate her chae yeon walks on a red carpet which that ch has to clean with her tongue!!

  9. That isn’t really fair to say that… CY has an eye job done which we all know, but nose and boob job is really crazy… have u seen her photo of her high school days? Her nose is the same as today! And who says that hyori and ivy did not go for any surgery? Anyway, please name me a korean star that hasn’t gone for a surgery before? AND! She went for an eye job because of an incident that happened when she was very young, it is a no choice thing!

  10. chaeyeon has had multiple nose jobs, her eyes done, extensions for hair, and a boob job in 2006 (contest this FACT if you like… but I know for SURE)… But,hey we all make sacrifices in our lives to get the things we want but really… really… after ALL that and layers upon layers of make-up … WHO wouldn’t be at least pretty? and sexy… please… she wears less and less… ofcourse people think she’s sexy… what sucks is her personality and her irresponsible image that she portrays… she’s such a faker…

  11. Chae Yeon has the whole package! She is clever, beautiful, funny, down-to-earth, cute and HOT! PPL DONT COMPARE SINGERS WITH EACH OTHER!! ALL OF THEM ARE UNIQUE IN THEIR OWN WAY

  12. ok ok ok…. i for one, like BOTH hyori and chaeyeon. OOO.. is that even possible?! seems unlikely from these posts… but i do, hehe. hyori has been in the biz for so long so she’s got the bkgd and singles to prove it, however i see chaeyeon in SOOO many variety shows that i’ve come to like her personality. she’s actually been in the biz for quite some time too. they are similar in so many ways… u dont even know… cuz… it looks like you guys are either cy fans or hyori fans. i cant compare their beauty, they are both goddesses =). and i cant put cy down, as she has all these albums to prove it as well, it shows she’s staying in the biz. not to bash IVY, the other gasoo mentioned here… but until i hear many more of ivy’s song and until she’s held her own in the biz for as long as cy and hyori, then she will be included in my list. i dont like an artist based on their beauty or what not; it’s the whole package and whether they do their job to entertain… and.. CY has never failed to work hard.

  13. sorry but that b*tch of hyori is fake, imitating Britney Spears with the song get ya!! C’mon hyori is sooooooo fake. Also she is ugly and Chae Yeon has a natural beauty.
    Chae Yeon is original not a f*cking copy like hyori(big loser)

  14. how can anyone compare chae yeon to hyori? chae yeon isn’t even in hyori’s league! i say hyori and ivy are a lot better looking and have more talent!

  15. Hyolee is wayyy hotter! Not only that, but hyolee can sing better too and she’s more popular and well known than chae yeon will ever be!

  16. Chae Yeon is way better than Hyori. She can sing and dance. She is not fake like some singers

  17. i personally think that Chae Yeon is very adaptible… Of course, her voice isn’t that good compared to other singers, but what makes me like her is that she really stay true to her dream… for those of you that do not know, she had a real tough life throughout, from Korea to Japan to Korea… but China was kind to her though…

  18. I actually think Chae Yeon has a good voice in her own right and she can really dance (this is coming from someone who has watched X-man for quite a while). Comparing her to other sexy female artists won’t really do the objective justice.

  19. hyori is so much better than this girl in my opinion and hyori is a lot prettier too!!!

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