Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)


Wow, can you believe it? Super Junior (or SuJu for short) is a K-pop boyband with more members than a football (soccer, if you are American) team! This 13-member group is under the SM Entertainment label in Korea.

The mega-group debuted with 12 members on Nov 6, 2005 with their first single Twins. Eleven of them were Korean while one was Chinese, a talent unearthed after an extensive search in China.

But why stop at a dozen when you can have 13 members? And so, SM Entertainment proudly announced another addition to the group on May 23, 2006. Lucky number 13?

Most of the members were either acting, VJ-ing or modelling prior to joining the group, and to this day, they still enjoy a career apart from SuJu. The burning question right now is: can they sing?

I personally have not listened to them but apparently, they have been criticised for lip-synching and below par vocals. I’m sure one out of the 13 can carry a tune, right? You just need one really good singer and the rest can do back-up vocals and dance. ;-P

Here’s the list of SuJu members:

  • Lee-teuk (the leader!)
  • Hee-chul
  • Han Geng (the Chinese dude!)
  • Ye-sung
  • Kang-in
  • Shin-dong
  • Sung-min
  • Eun-hyuk
  • Dong-hae
  • Si-won
  • Ryeo-wook
  • Ki-bum
  • Kyu-hyun (latest addition!)


  • Sorry, Sorry (2009)
  • Don’t Don (2007)
  • Super Junior 05 (2005)

Super Junior : The First Asia Tour Concert Album – Super Show