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The K-popped! story


K-popped! (k-popped.com) was born in June 2007. Our passion and enthusiasm proved to be contagious, we have been enthusiastically sharing our findings on all things Korean with our readers.

Since the Hallyu (Korean Wave) is fueled by the entertainment industry, the bulk of our entries are on the K-entertainment scene. We also monitor the rise of the Hallyu in Malaysia. Did you know that every other local channel airs a Korean drama? Check out our K-popped! tee vee thread if you don’t believe us.

However, the blog is dedicated to “all things Korean” so anything that is related to Korea goes. We’ve written about publications, technology, food/restaurants, fashion, language and even culture.

We also realise that in Malaysia, Korean entertainment news is basically catered for the Chinese-literate crowd. Since we are illiterate that way, K-popped! is a sensible way to bring Korean showbiz news to the English-literate masses, not only in Malaysia, but in the Cyberworld as well.

Working on K-popped! has proven to be a very rewarding experience. Not only do we learn so much about what interests us, we’ve also made friends with other K-entertainment aficionados, who have so willingly shared their knowledge with us.

We hope that K-popped! will be a place where like-minded individuals can interact, share, discover and learn about the Hallyu.

With that said, we welcome any latest or hottest buzz on anything Korean-related from reliable sources. Please write to us at kpoppedcrew@gmail.com

We’ve been K-popped!, what about you?