Green Rose (2005)

Korean title: 그린 로즈 (Geu-rin Ro-jeu)

What’s popping:

Oh man, dubbed in Mandarin! Not only that, it’s being shown at 7am!!! Are you kidding me? Who gets up so early to watch heavy dramas? Well, apparently I did one fine day.

It’s supposed to be a really good show since the series was extended to 23 episodes (instead of the usual 16-episode drama) due to fantastic response from Korean viewers back in 2005. I can’t say much about the show because I only watched half an episode. It got a wee bit boring for me.

The plot:

Lee Jung-hyun (played by Ko Soo, 고수) returns to Korea from China to exact revenge on the people who framed him for arson and attempted murder. He moseys around Korea under the moniker Jang Joong-woon, pretending to not know anyone.

However his old flame, Soo-ah (played by Lee Da-hae, 이다해), can spot him a mile away even if she is blindfolded. Oh, what to do? Will Jung-hyun @ Joong-woon be able to reveal his real identity and rekindle the romance?

Watch it:

  • 8TV
  • 7am-8am
  • Every Saturday and Sunday
  • Mandarin with Bahasa Malaysia subtitles



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