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Singapore has one, and now I discovered that Indonesia has one too. Malaysia, when are we gonna buck up and get a dedicated Korean channel of our own? Astro, it’s all up to you as you are our one and only satellite TV station.

Indonesian satellite TV has KBS World, a network that offers news, dramas, documentaries, talk shows and such.

Landscape in My Heart was among one of the many dramas being shown. And the best part was, everything was in Korean with English subtitles! No irritating Mandarin-dubbed (oh ok, Bahasa Indonesia-dubbed) programs!

However, according to Orchid, the programs were a little boring compared to Singapore’s Arirang TV.

Uh huh, some programs I caught were yawn-inducing and seemed suited for a more mature audience. I mean, like, how many times do you want to watch (and listen to) senior citizens serenading you with Korean folk songs?

Well, dull or not, at least they have a Korean channel. All we have on local TV is bits of Korean programs on both the satellite and terrestrial networks. However, we have a dedicated Japanese channel (NHK, Astro Channel 13) and loads of programs from China.

We want Korean TV! Give us Arirang! Or some other channel with hip and fun programming! Astro, can you hear us?!

OK Malaysians (or anyone who would like a say on Malaysian TV programming), speak up now. Is it time for us to get our own dedicated Korean channel? Aye or nay?

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