Kim A-joong (김아중)

The actress shot to fame because of a fat suit. OK, OK, it was more than a fat suit. Kim A-joong, the star of 200 Pounds Beauty gained popularity after appearing as the overweight protagonist in the rom-com.

The underweight slim actress bagged two Daejong Awards in June 2007. She took home the trophies for Best Actress (200 Pounds Beauty) and Most Popular Actress (Domestic).

The current “it” girl now models for Guess, had a secret meeting in Hong Kong for a possible movie deal and will apparently have her movie remade in Hollywood. Lady luck is sure beaming down on this 25-year-old!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 106 pound beauty:

Name: Kim A-joong/ Kim Ah-joong

Date of birth: Oct 16, 1982

Height: 170cm

Weight: 48kg

Blood type: A


  • 29 Years (2009)
  • 200 Pounds Beauty (2006)
  • When Romance Meets Destiny (2005)
  • Who’s Got the Tape? (2004)


  • The Bizarre Bunch (2005)
  • Our Attitude to Prepare Parting (2005)
  • Emperor of the Sea (2004)

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