Lee Yong-hee: Hanbok designer

Actress Lee Yong-ae made heads turn as she arrived at the 2005 Venice Film Festival screening of Park Chan-wook’s “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”. She was dressed in an exquisite hanbok crafted by Korean designer Lee Yong-hee.

The hanbok in question had a short tight reddish pink jacket made out of semi-transparent fabric. The skirt was in a brownish-grey hue, made out of a fabric called “guksa”.

Well, as you can see from the picture on the right, it looked really elegant. Hmmm…i bet it cost a fortune.

Lee, who is 71, calls herself not a “fashion designer”, but a “hanbok designer”.

Lee’s hanboks come in unique colours. She uses an age-old method of manual dyeing which was passed down from her mother. She dyes and dries the fabric by hand, to create tradition “Korean colours”.

Besides being a very much sought-after designer, Lee has an undying passion for the traditional Korean dress. She opened the Lee Young-hee Museum at 2 West 32nd Street in Manhattan, New York City in September 2002 to showcase Korean culture to the world.

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