Voucher-on-demand @ selected Korean eateries

You can receive discount vouchers on your mobile phone and use it at a couple of Korean restaurants!

As I was walking through the mall just now, I was given a Mystyle booklet that offers two different types of vouchers to be used at selected stores and restaurants.

All you have to do is choose a voucher, SMS to request for it and you’ll receive it in your mobile. Flash the voucher-on-demand at the cashier and get your discount!

The service is available to all mobile service providers in Malaysia and depending on the voucher you are requesting for, each SMS is either RM3.50 or RM1.50. You will only be charged when you receive the voucher-on-demand on your mobile.

There is a list of outlets that accept the voucher-on-demand but I’m only going to highlight the Korean ones.

Dae Jang Gum in Section 14, Petaling Jaya
Flash your voucher and you’ll get a FREE Korean rice cake or seafood pancake for a minimum bill of RM60

Kyung Joo Korea Restaurant in Mid Valley Megamall
You can use two types of voucher here. One allows you to a buy one FREE one (unlimited) beef steamed rice in stoneware deal. The other voucher gives you 20% off on the bill

For the terms and conditions, types of vouchers, steps to request for them and participating outlets, go to: http://www.mystyle.com.my/ for details.