Kim Jae-won is a killer kisser

Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai, 27 and Korean hunk Kim Jae-won (My Love Patzzi) are stopping by in Paris, London and Thailand to film Tsai’s ‘Agent J’ music video (MV).


Jolin Tsai & Kim Jae-won in Tsai’s new MV ‘Agent J’

According to reports, female actors who have worked with 26-year-old Kim Jae-won all say he is a good kisser (direct Korean translation : Best kissing skill man). Fooyuh. We don’t blame Tsai for picking him to star in her latest music video.

Thus, one fine day while filming the music video, Tsai was anxiously waiting for the arrangements for the sunset kissing scene in Paris. But alas, Kim was down with a cold, and the kissing scene had to be cancelled that day.

‘Agent J’ Music Video

Tsai plays a female spy who suffers from amnesia (think Bourne Identity, female version). Kim Jae-won is a cop who is assigned to track her down. At the end of the video, Tsai shoots Kim and he dies, giving her one final killer-smile. With that, Tsai regains her memory to remember that they were lovers before. Awww shucks!

  • Besides a great kisser, Kim Jae-won is nicknamed ‘killing smile’ or ‘smile angel’ for his famous smile.
  • According to a fan, one of the best kissing scenes in Korean drama history is when Kim Jae-won kisses Jang Na-ra in the fountain scene on My Love Patzzi. Oh who saw that? Who saw that?
  • Jolin Tsai is one of Taiwan’s highest paid female entertainers!

The only time i saw Kim Jae-won was in his movie 100 Days with Mr Arrogant with Ha Ji-won. At that time, i thought he is really cute – has these huge eyes and nice dimples. That was before i knew what he could do with his lips. 🙂



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