Kim Yun-jin (김윤진)

Koreans call her a World Star because she’s known all over the globe for portraying Sun Kwon in the hit series Lost. Born in Seoul, Yun-jin migrated to the US with her family when she was 10 and grew up inNew York.

After earning a degree in drama at Boston University, Yun-jin devoted herself to fulltime acting. The theatre and TV actress managed to get several minor parts on MTV, in soaps and on the off-Broadway stage. In 1996, producers of a Korean TV show in Manhattan called and persuaded her to return to Korea to appear in a TV drama. She accepted, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The 34-year-old made her film debut in the movie Shiri (1999), which turned out to be Korea’s first blockbuster and the highest-grossing film in the history of Korean cinema. Her sexy assassin role in the movie not only made her a household name in Korea, but also made her a star in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

And of course, we all know her as Sun – the quiet, plain Jane wife of Daniel Dae Kim’s Kwon Jin-soo. Sun may be a simple and conservative dresser but boy, can Yun-jin vamp it up in real life (pic from U.K. Arena’s Oct 2006 issue!).

Yun-jin appeared in Maxim in March 2007 and was dubbed the “Korean Julia Roberts”. Apart from that, she penned a book about her struggles and triumph in Hollywood. The book entitled The World is Your Drama was launched in June 2007 in Korea.

Name: Kim Yun-jin
Date of birth: Nov 7, 1973
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg


  • Diary of June (2005)
  • Ardor (2002)
  • Yesterday (2002)
  • Mr Iron Palm (2002)
  • Rush! (2001)
  • Moyuru Tsuki: The Legend of Gingko (2000)


  • Two Sisters (2008, post production)
  • 2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards
  • Lost (2004-2007)
  • With Love (1999)
  • Shiri (1999)
  • Wedding Dress (1998)
  • Beautiful Vacation (1996, mini-series)

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