The May Lee Show

What’s popping:

Asia’s first regional talk show for women! I’ve only seen, like, one episode and I’ve never tuned in for it again. 😛

I dunno, it just didn’t catch my fancy; I thought it was kind of dull…but it might be just me and my short attention span.

The episode I watched was the 2nd one – Single Girls. I remembered May Lee (pic) and her girlfriends on a vacation in Thailand. That’s about it.

The plot:

Hosted by Korean-American May Lee, the Singapore-produced talk show touches on issues that are relevant to the “Modern Woman of Asia.”

Yeah, it’ll remind you of Oprah, but this one’s for Asian women.

Also, May Lee has been a broadcast journalist/ host for more than 18 years.

Watch it:

  • Astro STARWORLD (Channel 70)
  • Every Sunday
  • 8pm
  • There are repeats, but I’m not interested. Please check your Astro TV guide.

May Lee also blogs at the show’s official website.



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