The May Lee Show

What’s popping:

Asia’s first regional talk show for women! I’ve only seen, like, one episode and I’ve never tuned in for it again. ๐Ÿ˜›

I dunno, it just didn’t catch my fancy; I thought it was kind of dull…but it might be just me and my short attention span.

The episode I watched was the 2nd one – Single Girls. I remembered May Lee (pic) and her girlfriends on a vacation in Thailand. That’s about it.

The plot:

Hosted by Korean-American May Lee, the Singapore-produced talk show touches on issues that are relevant to the “Modern Woman of Asia.”

Yeah, itโ€™ll remind you of Oprah, but this oneโ€™s for Asian women.

Also, May Lee has been a broadcast journalist/ host for more than 18 years.

Watch it:

  • Astro STARWORLD (Channel 70)
  • Every Sunday
  • 8pm
  • There are repeats, but Iโ€™m not interested. Please check your Astro TV guide.

May Lee also blogs at the show’s official website.

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