Hyun Bin (현빈)

Wow, many of our lady readers love Hyun Bin because of his role in My Lovely Sam-soon. This entry is dedicated to all of you who have watched the drama repeatedly and are still enjoying it.

Born Kim Tae-pyung (김태평), the actor made his debut in 2003 when he appeared in the sitcom New Nonstop 4. That same year, Hyun Bin also appeared in the drama Bodyguard.

His debut movie came the following year when he appeared in Spin Kick. Another drama, entitled Ireland, followed soon after that.

However, The 25-year-old, whose name literally means “bright light”, only shot to stardom after toplining the highly popular drama series My Lovely Sam-soon (or My Name is Kim Sam-soon).

In the drama, which also stars Kim Sun-ah and Daniel Henney, the actor played cocky restaurateur Hyun Jin-hun. Since that fateful series, the man with the dimpled smile has been one of Korea’s most sought after stars.

The hottie then went on to star in the rom-com/drama flick A Millionaire’s First Love in 2006. His latest work is the drama series Snow Queen.

On the personal front, the heartthrob was reportedly dating Hwang Ji-hyun, a little-known actress who had a supporting role in the drama Come Back, Soon Ae. The relationship didn’t last and the couple split on May 1, 2007.

Yup, Hyun Bin’s officially back in the singles market again and word has it, he’s even learning English. Sweet.

Real name: Kim Tae-pyung
Stage name: Hyun Bin
Date of birth: Sept 25, 1982
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Blood type: B
Family: Parents and an older brother
Education: Joong Ang University
Hobbies: Theatre, swimming, basketball
Official website: http://hyun-bin.co.kr/


TV dramas:

  • Friend, Our Legend (2009)
  • The World they Live in (2008)
  • Snow Queen (2006)
  • New Nonstop 5 (2005, cameo)
  • My Lovely Sam-soon (2005)
  • Ireland (2004)
  • Bodyguard (2003)
  • New Nonstop (2003)

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  1. hyun bin & SHK in Worlds Within is such a perfect couple! when 2 great actors work together, the drama will be perfect!

  2. HYUN BIN u’re my husben…….i love u de most!!!
    u’re de best in Snow Queen….dat movie is so sad i cry when i watch it!!!!hek hek…….

  3. WOW! Didn’t get to congratulate…but,,HAPPY B’DAY HYUN BIN! Sen-il jukae^^
    Hyun Bin obba is so so so awesome..
    Obba-a FIGHTING!! AZA AZA^^

  4. Hyun Bin is soooo hot! Totally loved him in Snow Queen with Sung Yuri! They would make such a beautiful couple!

  5. ei were missin u a lot 🙁 i heard that ur learning english right now..good decision oppah, 4u to hav a better role…im so proud of you..i cant wait to see u again in tv might as well in big screen..wishin u more projects to come…keepsafeU..lots a love 🙂

  6. i’ve watched ireland…(to catch a glimpse of my fave man, of course!!)
    anyway, am wondering who’s that girl?? not familiar lor….

  7. Oh yeah, after watching My Lovely Sam-soon. I like Hyun Bin sshi now. 🙂 He’s so cool!


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