Jang Dong-gun & Jeong Ryu-won for Giordano Korea

Giordano Korea uses “hallyu star power” to sell their merchandise. Jang Dong-gun and Jeong Ryu-won are house models for Giordano Korea (Fall 2007 Collection).

Scruffy Jang Dong-gun needs no introduction. If you have been following this blog, you would know that he has been labeled Korea’s Johnny Depp. Jeong Ryu-won is unfamiliar to me, except that she is the girl in the popular drama ‘My Lovely Kim Sam-soon‘. She’s not the lead actress, but is the one Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney‘s characters were both after. Jeong is also said to be in the movie ‘My Boyfriend is Type-B‘.

Jang has been a Giordano model for the longest time. And he is still with them!

Jang Dong-gun & Jeong Ryu-won for
Giordano Fall 2007 Collection

I have just noticed though, that Rain is no longer appearing in the ads. He was with Giordano last season modeling for their Summer 2007 Collection.

Once upon a time, Bi joined them too
– Giordano Summer 2007 Collection

Why don’t we get these models here in Malaysia? When you visit a Giordano outlet here in Malaysia, all you see are nameless models. Would you buy more Giordano clothes if Jang Dong-gun and Jeong Ryu-won’s faces were plastered on the outlet walls? 🙂

Giordano Korea’s Kang Nam flagship store in Seoul

Giordano Korea’s Kang Nam flagship store in Seoul (inside)

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