Kim Hee-sun (김희선)

This lady is getting married soon. With all the entries i have blogged about her, i think it’s time we get to know Kim Hee-sun better.

Kim is only thirty, but has been in the entertainment industry for more than 13-years now. Touted to be one of South Korea’s natural beauties, she debuted on the television drama ‘Year 11 Students‘ at the young age of 16. Her movie debut was in 1997 where she acted opposite Jang Dong-gun in Repechage.

Kim has also been in two big budget movies, namely Bichunmoo (2000) and The Myth (2005). The latter was produced by Jackie Chan, costing over 100 million Hong Kong dollars! In the movie, Kim acted opposite Jackie Chan, and also sang a duet with him on the film’s soundtrack “Endless Love“.

Date of birth: 25 February 1977
Blood type: O
Weight: 46 kg
Height: 168cm


  • Smile Again (2006)
  • Sad Sonata/The Sad Love Story (2005)
  • The Perfect Girl/ My Fair Lady (2003)
  • Goodbye My Love (1999)
  • Tomato (1999)
  • Sunflower (1998)
  • Wedding Dress (1998)
  • To the End of the World (1998)
  • Mister Q (1998)
  • New York Story (1998)
  • Propose (1997)
  • The Color White (1997)
  • Faraway Country (1996)
  • Sauna Guys (1995)
  • The Son of the Wind (1995)
  • The Tale of Chung Hyang (1994)
  • Agatha Christie (1994)
  • Year 11 Students (1993)


  • The Myth (2005)
  • A Man Who Went to Mars (2003)
  • Wanee & Junah (2001)
  • Bichunmoo (2000)
  • Calla (1999)
  • Ghost in Love (1999)
  • Repechage (1997)

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