Coffee at Beijing’s 798 Art Zone

Hello K-popped! readers. Just a recap, Liz and Orchid are visiting Rooster in Beijing. As well as enjoying the sights of this ancient city, we’ve also kept our eyes peeled for all things Korean.

The K-popped! Trio spent an afternoon at Beijing’s 798 Art Zone in the Dashanzi area. Formerly an industrial park during the Socialist regime in the 1950s, the decommissioned military factories has since within the last decade been converted into an artist community. These once abandoned factories now house loft style galleries, bookshops and European cafes. Events from swanky fashion shows to Beijing’s hottest rave parties are held at 798.

Orchid takes a shot of Liz and Rooster

An artsy fartsy place requires an artsy-fartsy pose!

Of course, this entry wouldn’t be in here if we hadn’t stumbled upon this cozy café managed by a sweet Korean lady. Our very cultural walk in this chilly northern air was in much need of a warm break.

Ooh… I don’t usually drink coffee… but it’s Korean!

Ever industrious Liz tries to learn Korean
while enjoying some hazelnut coffee
The cafe looked like a cottage that popped out from some storybook
(or a Korean romance film set) – whitewashed wood walls,
rose printed cushions and rustic furniture.

Rio House Coffee was the perfect place for a quick recharge before heading back to the galleries that dot this community.

The 798 Art Zone is close to Wang Jing, Beijing’s other Koreatown, besides Wudaokou, which is said to be home to 70,000 Koreans. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to head over there that day for a K-popped! adventure. Maybe next time, eh?

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