2007 Golden Disk Award

Stars came out to play at the 22nd Golden Disk Award on Dec 14.

The award ceremony, which was jointly organised by Daily Sport Newspaper and Music Industry Association of Korea, was held at the Olympic Park, Olympic Hall.

Check out the red carpet arrivals.

The Ladies

Some of the Wonder Girls jazz up their outfits with a dash of bold red.
Getting into the Christmas spirit, I see.


Oh my, Yangpa looks like she’s drowning in that
fur coat. Where are the PETA guys when you need ’em?


The SeeYa girls. Can someone please tell the girl
in the centre that the top half of her dress looks
like a (really bad) bust enhancer?
It’s so unflattering.


Yoonha’s fur coat looks better than Yangpa’s.


Girls’ Generation a.k.a Sonyeoshidae stayed with classic black &
white ensembles.


Va-va-voom! Jeon Hye-bin rocks the red carpet
in this minidress.


OK, who let the Wedding Cake out? Fashion
faux pas, Song Ji-hyo!


Over the Rainbow actress Seo Ji-hye relives
her dream of becoming a ballerina in this
tutu-like ensemble. The dress isn’t any help in
the chest department either.


Beauty Queens add a touch of glamour to the night!
Honey Lee (left) and Lee Ji-seon.

The Gentlemen:

Wheesung dons a glove-and-hat costume to look
smooth. Umm, I hate to break the news to you,
but Halloween was in October.



It’s just another day on the job for Epik High.
Come on, guys, give the photogs a smile.


T.O.P. (second from left) and G-Dragon (second from right) does a
switch-a-roo to confuse the Big Bang fans. The others play along.


F.T. Island wants to join Girls’ Generation, so they dress up in classic
black & white as well.


Tired of bad press, Super Junior tells everyone to ‘talk to the hand’.

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Ivy just can’t hold back her tears