2007 KBS Music Festival

Hooray, we got to watch the 2007 KBS Music Festival on TV because Malaysia has the KBS World channel (the one and only dedicated Korean channel for all K-popped! Malaysians)!

The event was held at the KBS Hall on Dec 30.

Remember my name – Fame! I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn
how to fly…high‘ – JYP enthralls the crowd with his cover of Irene Cara’s
Fame. Nah, not really.

The talents were pitted against each other – girls vs. the boys – during the festival and home viewers were encouraged to vote through SMS for either the boy or girl team.

I thought it wasn’t fair from the get-go since there are more fan girls than boys and the former would be the group who’d bother with the SMS thingy. So naturally, the boys’ team won.

So without further ado, here’s a look at what transpired during the event.

Sonyeoshidae sings their self-titled song.


Lee Soo-young strums her really, really
cool guitar while singing about a bob haircut.


Baek Ji-young shows off her sexy back…and legs.


Eru’s belt is such an eyesore. The guy’s torso
is kinda long, huh?


Younha shows off her chili red boots.


SG Wannabe mesmerises the audience with Arirang. Yay!


Epik High’s performance had the boys doing cardio interval training.
That running on the spot bit during the chorus is ultra cute.


F.T. Island brings the house down.

Can somebody Tell Me what the Wonder Girls sang?
Quick, Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me!

Below is a look at how the acts were pitted against each other:

Round 1: Big Bang vs. Sonyeoshidae/ Girls’ Generation.
The Big Bang boys performed as a quartet that night because TOP collapsed before the show and had to be rushed to the hospital. I was also informed by a Big Bang fan (thanks Momo) that G-Dragon collapsed after the KBS performance. K-popped! wishes the boys the best of health in 2008 and please, take a break.
Round 2: Baek Ji-young vs. Eru

Round 3: Lee Ki-chan vs. Lee Soo-young
Round 4: Younha vs. SG Wannabe
Round 5: Yangpa vs. Epik High
Round 6: SeeYa vs. FT Island
Round 7: Wonder Girls vs. Super Junior

Apart from the performances, the talents also came together to perform medleys.

Girls’ Generation/ Sonyeoshidae don their cheerleader outfit to dance
and lip-sync to Toni Basil’s


SeeYa lip-syncs and dances to Britney Spears‘ Do Something.
The girl on the right looks like she’s about to topple over.


Wonder Girls attempt to sing Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t Cha. Umm…good try.

Special performances include Shinhwa, Park Jin-young and a hilarious Mini Musical starring cutie pie actress Jo Jung-rin.

Shinhwa rocks the house with a medley of their hits from
way back when…


…and when things got a little too hot on stage, the guys
decided to cool down with a little onstage “shower” action.


Mini Musical: Some of the Sonyeoshidae girls bully Jung-rin…


…while the Wonder Girls & Lee Ki-chan sing in the background.


A hilarious moment when Tablo (right), who plays a 선생님, tries to
punch Kangin of Suju.


The skit is about how Jung-rin’s character is in love with
her 선생님 (Tablo).


But Teacher is getting married…to her mother!!
(Shin Dong of Suju just loves to joke around, doesn’t he?)


The cast of the Mini Musical take a bow


JYP: ‘She ain’t heavy, she’s my sista.’
The talented man swings with his dancer.

Pics credit: Newsen, Yonhap News & Hankooki