Bae Yong-joon donates to oil spill clean up

Bae Yong-joon flashes his multi-milli…nay,
multi-billion dollar smile

So, he’s the first celeb to help out with the oil spill. Egg-cellent. I was waiting to see which generous Korean star would take heed of the worst oil spill in South Korea’s history and Mr. Bae, you da man.

I promise I won’t call you pretty anymore…well, let’s make that until the end of the year :-P.

After all that ruckus about Bae Yong-joon being overpaid, the 35-year-old shows all and sundry that he bloody well knows what to do with his moolah, thank you very much.

The #1 Hallyu star will be donating 3.2 billion won (100,000 won = RM359) to the ongoing clean up work.

Mr. Bae’s management company, Keyeast, announced on Dec 12 that “(the money) will be donated to Taean county office to buy the disaster relief equipment for 10,000 volunteers. These volunteers are working at the site for prevention and can use them right away.”

Allow me to repeat myself, Mr. Bae, you da man!

Source: Newsen & Bae Yong-joon @ Soompi
Pic credit: Newsen

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