JYP’s comeback concert in Buchun

Park Jin-young in shiny red pants
tucked into laced up boots, gave his Korean
fans a full-fledged concert


Singer and producer Park Jin-young (JYP) took to stage and gave his Korean fans a concert to remember. The concert was held on 22 Dec, at 7pm at Kyonggi-Do Buchun.


Peace man – don’t get offended by the sexual
acts I will perform on-stage soon

JYP treated his fans to his usual upbeat catchy tunes which includes songs from his new album “
Back to Stage“. The two most notable songs from his new album are “KISS” and “That house you live in“. Other songs include g.o.d.’s “Friday Night” and Wonder Girl‘s “Tell Me“.

Yeah baby…kiss me right here. Right here!

JYP’s performance and dances were full of sexual connotations. Well, we are not surprised as from his recent short stints on Korean TV, that was the way he is heading. Plus he gave us a great big hint dirty dancing with Kim Hye-soo in “That House you live in” music video.

According to an article on StarNews, the crowd loved JYP’s heavily sexual performance as he received a “hot shout of joy”.

Orchid is speechless…thus not able to
provide any witty captions. 😐
[Pic credits: StarNews]


JYP performed to 3,500 fans in Buchun and it was reported that JYP’s wife’s father was in the audience!

JYP will hold another concert on the 31st December at the Seoul Olympic Park stadium.

If you are in the States, you may look forward to a JYP concert in 2008 . He will be performing in New York and Los Angeles in February.

For fans of The Wonder Girls, you will get a special bonus as they five-girl pop group who made the “Tell Me” dance so popular, will make a guest appearance at JYP’s concerts. [For more, read Wonder Girls to Debut in US on The Korea Times]


See y’all in New York & LA in 2008!


I’ll be bringing along my Korean women dancers…

Video clip – JYP performing “Tell Me” at his concert

Pics credit: Newsen, StarNews

Source: StarNews

Who is this weird man? Gimme more on JYP



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