Saturday night fever at the 2007 SBS Music Awards

Wow, it sure looked like it was a (Saturday) night to remember at the 2007 SBS Music Awards on Dec 29.

K-pop singers came out in force to entertain the masses at the award ceremony and here’s a peek at what heated up the night.

Sexy mama Lee Hyori plays MC with Lee Hwi-jae


Yangpa shows some leg…


…and so does Baek Ji-young


Not to be outdone is Lee Soo-young!

Then the 3 ladies come together to be judged.
I think
it’s a tie between Yangpa and Baek Ji-young!

Funnymen MC Mong (right) and Haha get the audience going

Nine-member group Girls’ Generation crowd the stage

SG Wannabe sing their hearts out

Wonder Girls performing something other than Tell Me.
Hey wait a minute, it is Tell Me!

The Shinhwa boys…I mean, men sizzle onstage

The SeeYa girls strut their stuff…

…while Younha prefers to hide behind the piano

M a.k.a Lee Min-woo goes, ‘Throw your hands in the air, and wave
them like you just don’t care…’

Brian of Fly to the Sky tries to go for the
Wacko Jacko pose

Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky contorts his surgically-enhanced
mug to look like…Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu!


Thinking that his pants-tucked-into-boots look won’t make us laugh anymore,
JYP decides to wear a baby’s bib onstage. The Wonder Girls are
quietly embarrassed.


JYP’s protege Min gives Andre Kim‘s spacesuit a
more hip and happenin’ makeover.

Pics credit: Newsen




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16 comments on “Saturday night fever at the 2007 SBS Music Awards


Hey ladida, you can check out Hwanhee’s before and after look here.

We did an entry on it before.


Finish watching this too. The first part is kinda boring. Especially the old songs parody. And what with the old trot singer sang ‘lie’ by big bang? They should choose a better song than the fast tempo of ‘lie’ It’s kinda weird. But their stage is cool. At least we can see them clearly.


this is like the best music award show this year! *haha* I mus admit tho I kinda forget all abt it so I am catching up on single perfs at mo T_T

I was reminded on why I love YG Family <33 Se7en was like appearing for 1-2 mins jus dancing~ not signature moves tho T_T But it was soo cute seeing YG Family doing the Lies dance! The rap by 1tym? *screams* YG used to have BigMama, WheeSung and Lexy but...*trails off* Well you can look out for JiEun and I am not sure what's up with Gummy *hehe*

SM’s? *bleargh* Wish they did better. but Legend of Charisma title I like..*pwahaha* Woot the DOngBang boys are now officially a “LEGEND” XD Together with H.O.T.

I actually kinda like JYP’s perf of Honey with WG *hide herself* And for once no TellMe fr WG..thankGod! >_< Oh G-Soul is sooo GOOD! I was practically scratching my head with Sweet Harmony and was wondering where is the harmony =P But always welcome any SG Wannabe perf even if it’s abit rock <33 *LOL* at silly SeeYa! And ChoShinSung oedieyo?! *LOL* What, no mention of HotClub Lounge?! Epik High and Drunken Tiger were awesome! Haha and MCMong! *bang heads on table* Reggae is so ON!<3 *LOL* Finally mus comment is of course Shinhwa!!!! Yeap it was like Shinhwa’s concert *girly screams* Their hair styles? HAWT! Did you take note of how Eric sat?! Gangstah man! This is like farewell concert for me b4 the enlist T_T Ok I am done! *hehe*


even tho i don’t keep track of se7en’s career (i like his smooth voice but rain’s sultry soulful voice is more enjoyable to my ears — hehe, each to his/her own, i guess :]), i’m glad to hear he’s back in the limelight. I dunno know how hwanhee look like before surgery but he’s totally fine on that pic! & as always, i luv the captions..i don’t mean to offend anyone here, but when i read the caption on WG i instantly thought it was hilarious 🙂


I just watched the vids. Yup, the YG Family’s performance wins hands down.

For the JYP’s Fantastic Party, I was quite bored with the performances by G-Soul and Lim Jeong-hee. However, Wonder Girls rocked Honey and JYP’s so entertaining.


haha. i second that.

i don’t expect See Ya’s performance to be like that too >_<
i was quite ok with them just singing ballads..

yeah, i think, overall, YG Ent wins!
haha, have to mention that again!

se7en only appeared for a while,
in the middle of that YG Family’s performance, dancing for 30 seconds, perhaps? 😉
yeah, it would be better if he at least performed one song.. too bad =(

it was only some of the members singing just a little bit of HUG.
very little. ahha
it was the intro for SM Ent’s performance.

overall, it was a good show.
can’t wait for tonight’s KBS Song Festival! xD


I just watched YG and JYPE’s performance on SBS Music Awards.

Yeah the YG performance is really smooth! Ahhh….i especially like Se7en’s dance. =)
I am not familiar with 1TYM, Jinusean and CL though… Also, the YG performance is a bit testosterone heavy. All the artists are male. YG has no female artists?

JYP Entertainment’s performance is called “Fantastic Party”. With G-Soul, Min, J Lim, Wonder Girls and head honcho himself, JYP.
It has a good mix of male and female. Plus it’s quite interesting to see JYP performing with all his protégés. The novelty of that is certainly worth the watch.
JYPE’s perfromance is not as seamless as YG’s though.

G-Soul looks a bit nervous on stage to me. Wonder Girls performed “I Wanna” and they joined JYP in “Honey”.

I like the song “Honey”, it has a really catchy tune. Although originally a JYP song, i really like it when Wonder Girls joins him and performs this song.

Another interesting bit was JYP’s kaleidescope dance towards the end. Very creative.

Thanks to monmonsnow2 for posting the videos on YouTube and describing them nicely too!


I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but the YG performance was AMAZING!! Gave me total goosebumps and brought back memories of last year when I got to see them all perform together! Always such magic! Se7en should have performed part of a song! It was too much of a teaser!

I thought wondergirls really pwned SNSD in their battle performance! Younha looks strange with those hair extensions! Hyori looked so pretty! JYP is always weird. and no DBSK booo
DId suju really perform DBSK’s “hug”? and its so cool to see all the music companies in Korea coming out so strong this year! SO much success all around!


Yeah…Hwanhee looks like Daniel Wu in that pic alright!

It’s nice to see Haha and MC Mong together.


so the theme is ‘show your whole leg and waist’ this time? okay i get it now!


Hello there Miss/Mr Nitpicky :-). Yup, I was being sarcastic and didn’t watch the show when I captioned the Wonder Girls’ picture.

But yeah, I made a mistake with bip, aka bib! I have since corrected it. Thanks!



“Wonder Girls performing something other than Tell Me.
Hey wait a minute, it is Tell Me!”

Seems you didn’t watch the show, or maybe you’re being sarcastic… but Wonder Girls never once performed Tell Me during the entire show.

And “bip” should be spelled bib, unless you’re referring to B.I.P.: bit interleaved parity.

Yes, I am nitpicky.


Wait a mo, isnt baek jo -young supposed to undergo vocal cord surgery?

I also saw her on the korea china song festival shown on KBS World.


se7en made an appearance?

what did he do?


haha, watched this show on youtube just now.
i like Shinhwa’s performance the most. i think. ^^
my sister and i agreed that the whole show seems to be like ‘Shinhwa Concert’. haha, a lot of orange =D

oh, and Big Bang+Wonder Girls musical drama was quite funny too. haha. Daesung, LOL xD

and herm. and between YG Family vs M.Net Media vs SM Ent vs JYP Ent performance ,
i would have to choose YG Family’s.
they did a great job!
and haha, who doesn’t get excited with Se7en’s 30 seconds appearance? hahaha. 😀

deb from the city

Hwanhee DOES look like Daniel Wu!!


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