Springtime (2004)

Korean title: 꽃피는 봄이 오면 (Ggot-pi-neun Bomi O-myeon)

What’s popping:

A man going through mid-life crisis.

Hyeon-woo (Choi Min-sik, 최민식) goes in search of himself in a small coal mining town. The musician who plays the trumpet decides to teach a group of kids at the local high school.

What triggered his soul-searching journey? Another failed audition, a phone call from his erstwhile girlfriend informing him about her impending marriage and a realisation that he’s still living with his Mom at 40-something.

The flick was a little too slow for me and I slept mid-flick. I was waiting to see how Hyeon-woo turned the ragtag group of kids into bona fide musicians but no such luck. The movie stayed focused on Hyeon-woo.

There was also a hint of romance between Hyeon-woo and the local pharmacist, but it headed nowhere.

I was quite bored with the movie, actually.

The plot:

The Teacher gives the student some trumpet-playing pointers

A story about a trumpeter who finds new hope (like, Spring, you see) after he starts teaching music at a coal mining village.

Watch it:

  • Astro KIRANA (Astro Channel 122)
  • In Korean with your choice of English or Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
  • Check your Astro guide for the time(s), I lost mine.

Pics credit: HanCinema



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2 comments on “Springtime (2004)


Heh, I think I have saw the MV of this. Just because the OST sang by my fave singer. 😀 I don’t know it been aired at ASTRO KIRANA. No time for it coz my class start nx week.


I’ve watch this movie a year ago with my lil’ sis. But she slept halfway through ’till the end. It’s kind of boring. Well, the plot is a actually good, kinda reminds me of school of rock but the progress is very slow and too centered on the main character itself. It would’ve been good if they developed the side characters too.


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