Xylitol toothbrush & Jumping Clay, anyone?

We’re so into K-pop culture that I think we’ve got K-popped! stamped across our foreheads!

While at the wet market this morning, a lady manning one of those make-shift stalls called out to us and went:

Lady: Would you like to buy a toothbrush, it’s from Korea?

Orchid & Liz stopped mid-step and walked up to the stall to check out her wares. Apart from toothbrush, she was also selling Jumping Clay.

The Xylitol toothbrushes we bought. Gingerbread boy not included;
that one was a Christmas present. He’s so cute, I just wanted to put
him in. Tee hee….

Lady: I’ve been using the toothbrush myself and I find it really good. It has two kinds of bristles – one short and one longer – giving your teeth a proper cleaning as it reaches into the hard-to-reach places.

Since it was about time I changed my toothbrush (칫솔), we decided to get some from the lady. You get three toothbrushes for RM20.

We also learnt that the lady named Andurea backpacked in Korea back in 1996 and missed speaking Korean and eating kimchi!

Andurea: I love kimchi and used to be able to speak a little Korean, but now I don’t anymore. Simple words like kamsahamnida and annyeonghaseyo, I remember. There aren’t many people around to speak Korean with here and Koreans whom I meet here speak English.

Everything in Korean, but the pictures are worth
(more than) a thousand words.

And then she told us that she imported the toothbrush and started selling it because she liked using it while she was in Korea.

Liz: How do you get your stock? Do you have people in Korea sending you stuff and such?

Andurea: I actually get it from my sis-in-law. She does the paperwork and nitty-gritty stuff. I just sell the products.

Then Andurea proceeded to show us the other product she was selling, the Jumping Clay – a non-toxic, extremely lightweight modelling material. It’s called Jumping Clay because it bounces or “jumps” when you drop it on a hard surface. The product is also from Korea. 🙂

Grasshopper made out of Jumping Clay. Isn’t he cute?

Orchid: Do you have a website? We could blog about you. We have a blog called K-popped! and we write about all things Korean.

And so Andurea proceeded to give us her website’s URL: http://www.lunako.com

Dragonfly crafted out of Jumping Clay.

You can actually find Andurea at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail wet market. She might be there, depending on whether she gets the permit to do business that week. You won’t miss her as her stall is located at the market’s entrance.

Sorry, no pics of Andurea or the stall because we didn’t bring our camera. Who would have thought we would chance upon something for K-popped! at the wet market!?!

Pics of Jumping Clay courtesy of Lunako



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8 comments on “Xylitol toothbrush & Jumping Clay, anyone?


Hey Jawi, that’s an awesome testimony for the Xylitol brand tooth brush! I threw away mine already…gotta get new ones then, if it is so effective.

CY ( Jawi )

I was introduced by a friend for using Xylitol. It shown a clear cut results in effectivess cleaning teeth especially gaps between teeth. However, I got a surprise results after using it for 6 months.

I went to have teeth filling during the weekend. Since I didn’t do “cleaning” by dentist for more than 3 years, I thought want to do it one short (I hate to queue up and wait for dentist check up).
Surprisingly, the dentist said; ” no need to do teeth cleaning for time being”. My teeth is clean !!!


that’s pretty cheap for a good toothbrush. RM 20 for 3!

that jumping clay do reminds me of children play doh!


jumping clay 🙂 how cute is that?…actually, the light texture u described reminds me of the children’s play-doh crafts


This is a great site. I love that you show more than entertainment updates. Great job, everyone.


hmmm..toothbrush…3 for RM20 thats like expensive?? *haha*


hjn, when you hold items made from the “Jumping Clay”, you’d be surprise to find how light it is! So the texture is not like normal clay which is hard, heavy and might break/shatter. This is rubbery and very very light.


insanely amazing….

one quick ques: is the jumping clay like real hard or like a soft toy? cause like any pots/vases made from clay, its really really solid.. if its really really solid, it’ll be like magic to see them jumping …and the jumping clay is of reasonable price…


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