Bad Love – Episode 2

Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su)
Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won)
Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo)
Jo Ann (Cha Yae-ryeon)

I watched Bad Love – Episode 2, and am just dying to discuss the drama with someone. May I?

For those who are not following the drama but plan to watch it later, there are spoilers in this entry.

Su-hwan & In-jung had an affair.
Despite trying to cling on
to the relationship,
Su-hwan is forced to give it up.
In-jung is no match
for his ambition, hot-tempered forthright
and gambling mother.

As a result of her affair with the married Lee Su-hwan, Na In-jung suffers great loss. Su-hwan’s wig-wearing hot tempered wife slashes In-jung’s wrist causing irreparable damage and poor In-jung is left without a career. She cannot play her cello.

She also finds herself pregnant with Su-hwan’s child. After that, a series of bad luck strikes and she looses the child and her beloved parents meet with a serious car accident.

The confrontation: Su-hwan’s wife confronts In-jung
causing her to loose her baby.

In-jung’s mom bows her head in embarrassment.

Fast forward five years later and you find In-jung happy but working hard selling fried chicken in a small town. I find the change in scenery very refreshing.

In-jung’s little shop – Chicken House.
Does anyone know where this is filmed?

It looks like a small fishing village / island.

There she bumps into Kang Yong-gi again. Yong-gi also has been through heartbreak and his 10-hour-to-shoot kissing partner Jo Ann, has since passed on. We are not told why she committed suicide.

I wouldn’t mind meeting handsome Oppa at a seaside town!

All three characters of the love triangle are brought together once again in the small town.

Su-hwan is seen at the small town checking out the row of shops in which In-jung happens to have her “Chicken House” located. His company probably wants to demolish the place and build a modern building.

So near yet to far. Both ex-lovers are less than
10 feet away yet do not see each other.
(So typical of Korean dramas)

In-jung and Yong-gi discover that they bought the same piece of property. In-jung had plans to turn the place into a farm for her surviving father. Her mom died in the car crash.

Another confrontation! Yong-gi and In-jung
happened to have purchased the same piece of property.


Episode 2 ends with In-jung in the arms of Yong-gi
because he was saving her from a ~ certain legless reptile.

What will happen next? Will the two victims of love hit it off and become friends in next episode? They seem to have one thing in common – both recovering from the pain of past broken relationships.

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Drama stills sourced from Naver