Bad Love – Episode 14

This episode is quite amusing. The love triangle has now turned into a foursome. The Jo-ann look-a-like came into the equation! How? Read on to find out…

To pick up where we left off in episode 13, Lee Sin-yeong (the Kim Jo-ann look-a-like) was just about to kiss Kang Yong-gi (Gwon Sangu, handsome Chairman of Daehan Construction). Yong-gi happens to catch a glimpse of zombie-like Na In-jung (Yi Yowon) and he immediately goes after her, breaking off the kiss.

Darn, I almost kissed her?

When Yong-gi catches up with In-jung and tries to explain, she brushes him away before he could say anything. He then says to her “I’m getting tired of you. I don’t want to care for you anymore.”
(Both Liz and Orchid let out a loud cheer at this point. Yes! It’s about time Yong-gi!)

Yong-gi is quite fed-up with In-jung. The woman loves the man, yet she feels guilty and will not let herself love him. This has been going on for quite some time.

That night, Sin-yeong and Lee Su-hwan (Kim Seong-su) have dinner with the late Jo-ann’s mother. President Kim has only praises for Yong-gi. She thinks fondly of him and told the pair that Yong-gi treated her daughter very well.

President Kim speaks fondly of Yong-gi

The next day, Yong-gi and In-jung meet at the lifts on the way up to their office. Sin-yeong appears at this point, and Yong-gi taunts In-jung by asking her to go up first while he stays back to wait for Sin-yeong and rides up the lift with her.
(Liz and Orchid let’s out another *yay*) In-jung sulks as she sees all this, but then again, she always looks like she’s sulking.

Yong-gi: Why don’t you go ahead. I’ll stay back
and flirt with Sin-yeong for a bit. See ya.


Yong-gi: Since you are interested in me, why don’t you try to get me?
: What if I really fall for you Chairman Kang? What if I get hurt?

: If I fall for you, then you
won’t get hurt.

Yong-gi decides to visit one of their construction sites in the city. It is quite hilarious to see all four of them – Yong-gi, Su-hwan, In-jung and Sin-yeong going in one car.

Happy Hour: Ex-lovers outing to a construction site

At the construction site, Su-hwan teaches Yong-gi
a thing or two about the construction business

At the site, Su-hwan reprimands Yong-gi. He smugly reminds Yong-gi that they almost lost funding for these projects due to the Samcheok delay.

At the busy construction site, both women were walking together. They try to avoid a worker carrying long steel pipes, but Sin-yeong looses her footing which caused both women to fall. Yong-gi noticed both women on the ground and he went over to In-jung to ask “Are you ok?”, when he saw she was all right, he then saw that Sin-yeong had fallen and twisted her ankle.

Both women fall…who will Yong-gi rescue?

Yong-gi picks Sin-yeong up while
In-jung wished he’d helped her instead

Yong-gi takes Sin-yeong to a nearby pharmacy and helps her with her injuries. Sin-yeong is taken in and can’t keep her eyes off him. She is falling for him.

Sin-yeong is starting to fall for charming Yong-gi

It really looks like an ex-lovers’ outing. In-jung and Su-hwan ended up walking together at the construction site. Su-hwan acts gallant and selfless when he’s around In-jung. He tells her that he has done her much wrong in the past and only wants to see her happy now. In respond to that, In-jung tells Su-hwan that she only loves one man, and it’s not him. Su-hwan sees her off as In-jung goes back to the office in a cab. But right after that, Su-hwan gets one of his “lung attacks” and collapses. In-jung brings him to the hospital.

Su-hwan gets a much needed oxygen fix while In-jung looks on

At the hospital, In-jung and Su-hwan exchange a brief “moment” when Su-hwan comes to. Su-hwan’s mother visits him and she spots In-jung.

Su-hwan’s mother puts in a good word for her son to the woman she knows her son loves dearly.

Su-hwan’s mother confesses to In-jung…

I forced my son to marry for money, not love. It was because of me that Su-hwan could not be with you 5 years ago. I was in prison and Mr Kang promised to take care of things only if Su-hwan will stay by Joo-ran’s (his wife back then) side. So he had to leave you. It was all my fault.

Now, is In-jung confused? Will she see Su-hwan in a new light? Will she go back to him?

Later, In-jung tells Chansuk there is only one man she loves…Kang Yong-gi. But she wants to push him away…she wants him to forget her. (Why? I have absolutely no clue. This woman does not make sense to me.)

President Kim (Kim Jo-ann’s mother) calls Yong-gi just to say “hi”. During the conversation, she tells Yong-gi that she is very happy as Su-hwan has introduced her to a girl who looks just like her daughter. Yong-gi puts two and two together and realises Su-hwan brought Sin-yeong in on purpose to distract and seduce him.

Sin-yeong on the other hand, is enjoying the ride and confesses to Su-hwan that she is also starting to fall for the handsome Chairman. Yong-gi walks in on the scheming pair just when Sin-yeong was asking Su-hwan permission if she could fall in love with Yong-gi.

Yong-gi: Why do you need to ask him if you could like me?

Yong-gi is now on to Su-hwan! He knows the latter’s plan. Yong-gi tells Su-hwan that he might just give this Sin-yeong woman a chance.

Rivals in the game of love: Yong-gi tells Su-hwan
to brace himself
as he might just let In-jung go
and put her love to the test.
Who will In-jung choose?

The next night, Sin-yeong joins Yong-gi for drinks at the bar. She makes him drive her home (remember Sin-yeong and In-jung are neighbours). In-jung happened to step out of her apartment at the point when Yong-gi was walking back to his car, and Sin-yeong was opening her front door. When Sin-yeong saw In-jung, she took advantage of the situation and quickly goes over to Yong-gi and suggests that he come in for a nightcap.

Sin-yeong knows that Yong-gi still likes In-jung but the latter does not like him back. Sin-yeong is aware that Yong-gi wants to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. She invites Yong-gi in to her apartment for a drink right in front of In-jung.

Honey…come in for a drink ok?


Action speaks louder than words: Yong-gi plays along
and goes with Sin-yeong without saying a word

Na In-jung is noticeably jealous

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