BoA drops 6th album in Korea and Japan

Twenty two-year-old singing machine BoA has released her 6th studio album simultaneously in Korea and Japan!

The album, which is entitled The Face, comes almost a year after the release of her 5th long player, Made in Twenty. The new album contains many different genres such as ballads, R&B, house, punk and rock music.

BoA: The singing machine makes sure she looks good before releasing The Face

The Face contains 15 songs, inclusive of past hit singles such as Sweet Impact, Lose your Mind and Love Letter. There are 8 new tracks on the album; the song Girl in the Mirror was even written by the young talent.

Hmm, BoA…when in Beijing last November, K-popped! purchased BoA’s Girl on Top (2005) album because we were curious about her. I mean, aren’t you impressed? Only in her early twenties and she has 6 studio albums under her belt!

Sadly, we haven’t gotten around to listening to Girls on Top. We’ll try to do so sometime this century :-P.

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

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