Listen to Bad Love OST

Check out the songs on Korean drama – Bad Love OST (KBS TV Drama).

Here’s a (blind leading the blind) guide to listening to the songs below. Just double-click on the track you want to listen to. I don’t have the complete song list, but most of the songs are nice.

Track #2 is the awesome title track. Who’s the singer? Anyone know?

Both track #6 and #9 are the same song. Listen to Kwon Sang-woo sing on track #6. (I think that’s him). Track #9 is the original singer.

Track #10 is also very nice. Do you have a favourite?

Here’s a list of the songs in CD 1 of the Bad Love sound track. Translation courtesy of Joe Gimm.

Bad Love OST – CD 1

01. Prologue 못된 사랑
02. 가슴이 늘퍼
03. 말없이 울더라도
04. 그리움도 사랑 같아서
05. 그대는 바랍
06. 내 가슴이 하는 말 (Original Version)
07. 중독
08. 천상의 왈츠
09. 내 가슴이 하는 말 (Original Version)
10. 내 사랑이 야

01. Bad Love Prologue
02. Sad Heart
03. When I cry with no words
04. Missing you is like loving you
05. You are the wind
06. What my heart says
07. Addiction
08. Waltz in heaven
09. What my heart says (same as No.6)
10. It’s my love

Orchid suggests that you listen to the Bad Love Soundtrack while reading our drama recaps.

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