MYK Quiz 1: Answers and winner announcement

안녕하세요? 어떻게 지냈어요?

I hope you are feeling fine on the eve of Chinese New Year! Are you all geared up for the reunion dinner with the family? Have a great time and make sure you toss that Yee Sang sky-high to symbolise prosperity in the Year of the Rat!

Since everyone’s in a festive mood, we won’t be sharing MYK7 this week and will only announce the winner of our inaugural quiz entitled The Match Up! But first up:

The answers to the quiz:

Q: 안녕하세요? = an-nyeong-ha-se-yo? = Hello/ How are you?/ Are you at peace?
A: 네, 안녕하세요. = ne, an-nyeong-ha-se-yo. = Yes, hello.
Please read Origins of the phrase at Honjangnim’s Light

Q: 이분이 누구예요? = ibooni noo-goo-ye-yo? = Who is this person?
A: 권상우씨 예요. = kwon sang oo sshi ye-yo. = He is Kwon Sang-oo.

Q: 이름이 뭐예요? = ireumi mwo-ye-yo? = What is your name?
A: 저는 정지훈이에요. = jeo-neun jeong ji hoon-i-e-yo. = I’m Jeong Ji-hoon.

Q: 감사합니다. = gam-sa-ham-ni-da. = Thank you.
A: 아니에요. = anieyo = Don’t mention it.

Q: 어느 나라 사람이에요? = eo-neu na-ra sa-rami-e-yo? = Which country person?/ What is your nationality?
A: 저는 필리핀 사람이에요. = jeo-neun pil-li-pin sa-rami-e-yo. = I’m Filipino.

Q: 미안합니다. = mi-an-ham-ni-da. = Sorry.
A: 괜찮아요. = goen-cha-na-yo. = It’s OK.

Q: 만나서 반갑습니다. = man-na-seo ban-gap-seum-ni-da. = Nice to meet you.
A: 저도 만나서 반갑습니다. = jeo-do man-na-seo ban-gap-seum-ni-da. = Nice to meet you too.

Q: 이게 뭐예요? = i-ge mwo-ye-yo? = What is this?
A: 신발이에요. = shin-ba-ri-e-yo. = (They are) shoes.

Q: 나이가 몇 살이에요? = na-i-ga myeot sa-ri-e-yo? = How old are you? (나이 = age)
A: 스무 살이에요. = seu-moo sa-ri-e-yo. = Twenty-years-old.

Q: 레몬차 있어요? = lemoncha iss-eo-yo? = Do you have lemon tea?
A: 아니오, 없어요. = anio, eob-seo-yo. = No, I don’t.

Those who got all the answers correct are:

  1. gail t.
  2. anonymous (Jan 30)
  3. 양생
  4. meiruo_chan
  5. anne
  6. kiwi_seoul
  7. yanmin
  8. ladida
  9. ciao ciao
  10. nelian 52
  11. Vai Yoong

And the winner is…

To make picking the winner easier for everyone involved, we’ve decided to go with the “luck of the draw” method. We don’t want to extend the quiz for another week in search of a winner and burden you with a tiebreaker, thus we’ll leave it to…destiny?!

Below is a step-by-step look at how the winner was picked. We didn’t cheat or play favourites, OK?

Step 1: Prepare 11 pieces of paper to write the names down (left).
Since it’s Chinese New Year (CNY), we added an orange in the pic to
show that we are in a festive mood (right). Oh, get an empty container
ready too.
Step 2: Write the names of those who are eligible for the prize,
which is a set of Hangeul keyboard stickers, on the pieces of paper.


Step 3: Fold the pieces of paper up and drop them into
the empty container.


Step 4: Put the lid on and…


Step 5:…give it a couple of good shakes (left). Turn it upside down,
if you must (right).


Step 6: Run to Orchid and get her to open the lid and pick the
winner. Orchid says, “화이팅!”


Step 7: And proceeds to pick the lucky winner.
Step 8: And the winner of MYK Quiz 1: The Match Up is…


Step 9: 양생 씨!!!!!!!!!!

So 양생 씨 , please write to us at 2kpopped at gmail dot com to inform us of your snail mail address.

We will forward your address to the sponsor Honjangnim’s Light. After that, just wait for the prize in the mail :-).

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Finally, to all K-popped! readers, we would like to wish all of you a very happy Lunar New Year! May the Year of the Rat bring you and your loved ones loads of joy, good health and prosperity!

Kong Hei Fatt Choy: Orchid, on behalf of the K-popped! Trio, offers
you “kam” (Mandarin orange), which in Cantonese sounds similar to the
word gold. Have fun, people! 🙂

Here’s how you can wish your friends a happy New Year:

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin)
  • Keong Hee Huat Chai (Hokkien)
  • Kong Hei Fatt Choy (Cantonese)
  • And last but not least, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! (Sae-hae bok mani ba-deu-se-yo = Korean)

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