Bad Love – Final episode

Orchid had to attend to something urgent last night so she was unable to watch the final episode of Bad Love. Thus Liz is stuck with given the honours to bring you Episode 20 of Bad Love…so let’s get on with the recap of this flashback-filled episode!

In the previous episode, the less zombified Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) and sizzling hot Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) parted ways as promised – right after Yong-gi’s birthday in Spring.

Episode 20 starts off with two children playing on the see-saw, which reminds In-jung of Yong-gi because he lovingly hand-crafted a see-saw-inspired bench for her.

Kids playing on the see-saw


In-jung thinks of Yong-gi when she sees the
see-saw and goes: Yong-gi ah, how are you doing?

She thinks about her ex-boyfriend, how good looking he is and what a great catch he would have been…and viewers are soon informed that ONE YEAR has passed since they broke up.

The Korean words read: 1 Year Later

In-jung has undergone an operation to allow her to play the cello once again and she teaches children how to play the instrument.

In-jung and her kids talk about love…seriously! They asked her
whether she has a boyfriend and when she answered yes,
they asked why they have not seen him before.

Yong-gi on the other hand is at the airport, as he has just returned to Korea after gaining much success as a pop artist in the US.

Kang Yong-gi the pop artist! The picture on the right is
his most popular piece

He’s going to hold an exhibition in his motherland. While walking out of the airport, he speaks English with a Mat Salleh (white guy), but I couldn’t understand BOTH of them.

They speak English here, hence the Korean subtitles, but
I couldn’t understand a word! Note to self: Must brush
up on Korean.

Yong-gi is picked up at the airport by his former driver, who claims to be a famous singer now.

Former driver and comic relief comes to pick Yong-gi (left) up.
He asks Yong-gi if he misses In-jung. Du-uh.

Yong-gi makes a stop at the Daehan Constuction headquarters to meet his good friend Christian and they talk about how well the new CEO is doing.

‘Yo buddy, new CEO handlin’ things alright? Great!
I’m off to Samcheok then. Ta!’

Yes, Yong-gi has washed his hands off the company and is pursuing his pop artist aspirations, with very promising results.

As fate would have it, both In-jung and Yong-gi decide to make a trip to Samcheok, their former love nest, on the same day. The former to “visit” her father’s watery grave (his ashes were strewn into the ocean), while the latter to…I dunno…for old time’s sake?

While driving, Yong-gi sings Queen’s I Wanna Break Free and
recalls the last time he sang the song with In-jung in the car


In-jung takes the bus to Samcheok

While on their journey there – she on a public bus, while he in his expensive Beemer – their paths cross but they never actually meet. It happened so many times, it was funny.

They missed each other while on the road – Yong-gi’s in
his car while In-jung’s in the bus


They missed each other at the rest stop too


But finally meet, phew!

They finally meet at the dock, a poignant moment as this was the very spot where they first met. After going out on the boat, the pair then make their way to pay homage to Kim Joann’s tree. Miraculously, the tree survived after being burned by Yong-gi.

Yong-gi looks at the tree he planted as a tribute to Kim Joanne,
his ex who killed herself

In-jung tells Yong-gi that the tree played a part in bringing them together despite it being a reminder to Yong-gi of his turbulent relationship with the suicidal Joann.

Yong-gi and In-jung leave separately, but not before In-jung informs Yong-gi that Chansuk and Samchun are getting married!

Meanwhile, Kang Joo-ran (Kim Ga-yeon) and her daughter Miso visit Suhwan’s columbarium to wish him farewell. Both mother and child are migrating…one of the reasons is Miso’s crush on a boy named Boram.

Joo-ran (right) and Miso say bye-bye to Suhwan

Yong-gi returns home for dinner with the family – his stepmother, Joo-ran and Miso.

Yongi-gi is happy to be home with the family.
He secretly asks Miso if her Mom still
drinks…Miso says, “Not a drop!”

All is forgiven in the Kang clan as Stepmother has accepted Yong-gi and promises to cook his fav fish dish for him anytime he wants. He promises to go golfing with her. They will have to keep each other company since Joo-ran and Miso will be migrating soon.

All is well, Stepmother accepts Yong-gi as her own son now

Yong-gi develops high fever while he sleeps and Miso, who goes to check on her hawt Uncle, quickly alerts Mom. While Stepmom goes to get the Doctor, Joo-ran stays behind and hears Yong-gi murmuring In-jung’s name while in delirium.

Yong-gi goes: ‘In-jung ah, In-jung ah, In-jung ah’

Poor Joo-ran, her late husband called out In-jung’s name as well when he was sick…and now Yong-gi? As a consequence of that, she calls In-jung for one last meeting.

No, we won’t be meeting up for the Chuseok holidays either

Joo-ran tells In-jung: “I hate you so much. I can’t live under the same sky with you. That’s why I’m leaving. It would be better for the both of you.” That’s as close as a blessing In-jung will ever get from Joo-ran to be with Yong-gi.

Joo-ran then walks away into the night, never to be seen again by In-jung…I think. I guess there won’t be a Seollal gathering for the Kang family.

Next, we see Yong-gi sending Joo-ran and Miso off at the airport. Before leaving for good, Joo-ran says to Yong-gi: “This is your life, you should live it the way you want to.”

Bye-bye Miso and Joo-ran

What? Another indirect blessing from Joo-ran for Yong-gi to hook up with In-jung? Well, zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

After seeing Miso and Joo-ran off at the airport, Yong-gi attends Samchun and Chansuk’s wedding.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Yong-gi stops in his tracks when he spots In-jung and both of them stare at each other, thinking that this should be their b100dy wedding instead!

Man, this should be OUR wedding

In-jung performs as part of the string musicians and later, Yong-gi informs her that she plays beautifully.

Chansuk throws her bouquet and Yong-gi catches it and hands it over to In-jung.

Take this, it’s destiny. We’re getting married next.

In-jung says she has to leave. Sheesh.

While cooped up in the backroom, In-jung ponders longingly about Yong-gi (flashback sequence!).

In-jung leaves to go grab her purse in the backroom…and
reminisce about the good times with Yong-gi.

Shrugging off her thoughts as wishful thinking, In-jung opens the door of the backroom and lo and behold, Prince Charming is standing there! He pulls her into his arms for a warm embrace.

Omigosh, handsome Oppa is waiting at the other
side of the door!


Hugs…eh, why no kiss?

The on again/ off again couple finally decide to “never let each other go” no matter how difficult things get. They now have the freedom to love one another, what with Suhwan six feet underground, Joo-ran and Miso thousands of miles away and Stepmom being all putty in the palm of Yong-gi’s hands.

Finally, they take a stroll together and actually
enjoy the activity & company

The lovebirds then visit Yong-gi’s house at Samcheok again, walking along the streets hand-in-hand.

As the road winds its way to the house, the bench Yongi-gi crafted for In-jung comes into view and the lovebirds leisurely make their way to it…and sits down.

The lovebirds approach the symbolic bench


And takes a much-needed “rest” on it

They have gone through much (too much) and their love, which has been refined by the harshest of tests, is finally allowed to bloom and grow…unhindered.



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