Bluedawn (푸른새벽)

Dawn and Ssoro are the musicians behind Bluedawn (푸른새벽 • pureun saebyeok), an indie folk rock group known for their soft melancholy love tunes perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon with your special someone.

The duo released their first self-titled album in 2001 followed by Submarine Sickness+Waveless (2005) and When Spring Comes (2006). Also, their song, Last Arpeggios, is on the soundtrack of the hit drama series The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.


Bluedawn’s Lovesong MV

Bluedawn has parted ways sometime early ‘07 to pursue their solo careers. It is said that Dawn is to release her first solo album on the Pastel Music label.

Everybody, meet Bluedawn:

Name: Dawn
Real Name: Han Hui-jeong (한희정)
Band Position: Vocals, acoustic guitar and piano

Name: Ssoro
Real Name: Jeong Sang-hun (정상훈)
Band Position: Backup vocals, electric and acoustic guitar and programming


  • Bluedawn (2001)
  • Submarine Sickness+Waveless (2005)
  • When Spring Comes (2006)


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Source: Wikipedia, Bluedawn Official Website
Pic Credit: Smashing Mag