Eugene in Three Dads, One Mom

Ain’t Love Truly actress Eugene adorable in this baby blue dress?

Cute: Eugene plays a mommy in KBS’ upcoming drama
Three Dads, One Mom

The 27-year-old actress will be appearing in the KBS drama entitled Three Dads, One Mom (아빠 셋 엄마 하나), which replaces Hong Gil Dong once the drama ends its run.

엄마: Eugene is the “One Mom” of the title, now we meet the “Three Dads”…

Three Dads, One Mom sounds similar to the Hollywood movie 3 Men and a Baby (1987). The US comedy stars Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. It is about 3 bachelors who are forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guy’s girlfriend.

In the Korean drama, 3 friends donate sperm to a lady friend who wants to conceive. Once she has the baby, the lady friend dies in an accident and the three bachelors are unsure whose baby it is. They all decide to be the father to the child.

In no particular order, Dad #1: Jae Hee

Eugene will play the child’s adoptive mother. The leading men in the drama are Jo Hyun-jae, Jae Hee and Shin Sung-rok. Kim Bin-woo will also appear in the drama.

Dad #2: Shin Seong-rok


Dad #3: Jo Hyun-jae

KBS network, huh? I’m sure Malaysians will get to watch the drama too :-). Kewl.

Source: Three Dads and One Mom thread @ Soompi
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