Jung Da-yeon, from housewife to hot babe

She was a housewife. She lost weight through exercise, toned herself up real nice and became known for her expertise on physical training and exercise.

Wicked: Jung Da-yeon shows off her sexy figure

Jung Da-yeon
, the lady who turned herself into a sizzling hot chick, has now bagged a role in a K-drama because of her success in whipping herself into shape. The sexy lady is set to play a fitness trainer (what else?) in the TV series Aquarius, which will be aired mid-April (in Korea).

The morning drama is targeted at housewives. Director Kim Soo-ryong personally approached Jung to be in his drama.

He explained: “Jung Da-yeon and her husband live in Ilsan close to where I live. I asked her, as a friend, to be in this drama because I thought her exercise expertise would be an incentive for health-conscious housewives to watch our program.”

He also wants Jung to “provide useful information about exercise and nutrition through the role of her character.”

Wow, look at those killer abs!

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global


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