K-popped! Around the World : Scene 1

An-nyeong yeoroboon (hello everyone!),

I am happy to bring you the first entry in our series of K-popped! Around the World. Thank you to those who have contributed these photos to our Facebook photo album. Please keep ’em coming. We hope you had as much fun taking these shots as we’ve had viewing them.

Coffee Prince Cafe, Seoul: Due to the immensely popular hit drama Coffee Prince, the cafe where the drama was filmed is now a tourist attraction. Adibah says the coffee there is the yummiest ever! Pictured here are Adibah, her sister and the owner’s daughter. Photo submitted by Adibah Azhar.

Mu Dung San Korean BBQ, Koreatown, Downtown Los Angeles: Bulgogi, boneless galbi and samgyupsal on an authentic Korean barbecue. Photo submitted by Viel Catig.

Jewels in the Palace: Little Chianz (right), her sister and aunt wearing hanboks at the set where they filmed the Korean drama ‘Jewel in the Palace’. Photo submitted by Chianz Ying-i.

The Jerusalem Connection: After her weekly Korean language class, Moran heads to the Korean House Restaurant in Jerusalem, Israel where she and her friend dig into bulgogi, dolsot bibimbap, kimbap and kimchi! Photo submitted by Moran Hamdi.

New York City Bibimbap: Melissa (right) and her best friend Francis feasts on bibimbap, soju and rice cake soup at a Korean restaurant in Ktown New York. Photo submitted by Melissa Yepez.

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If you would like to contribute your photos, read our entry on the K-popped! Around the World project.