‘Likable or Not’ actor Kim Ji-suk shows off

KBS Global’s daily drama actor Kim Ji-suk is said to be fluent in English. Kim plays the owner of Bonjour Food’s son in the drama. Although he is the boss’ son, he had to work his way up. In a recent episode of “Likable or Not” which aired on March 13 (in South Korea), Kim’s character was interviewed for a permanent job (or higher position) at his father’s company. During the interview, he introduced himself in fluent English.

In one of the coming “Likable or Not” episodes, you will get
to hear Kim Ji-suk speak fluent English…

His fluency in the language has sparked interest in viewers. Speaking good English, without the thick slur or accent is a precious commodity for Korean actors.

What is Kim Ji-suk’s secret? During junior high, Kim has spent some time in Great Britian. Later, when he returned to Korea, he took it upon himself to pick up another language which is German!

Wow! Kim Ji-suk speaks Korean, English and German.

For those who have seen this particular episode of “Likable or Not”, what did you think of his English? Is he really good or was it all hype?

Source & pics credit: Empas

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