Son Dam-bi wants to Change the World…

…the online gaming world, to be exact.

Son Dam-bi has recorded a track entitled Change the World and starred in the MV for an online game.

The game is called Princeton Tale II and the 25-year-old singer got to play Princess and dress up in a pretty white dress. Watch the video above and tell us what you think of it?

If you can’t get enough of the Cry Eye singer, then check out the gorgeous pics below:

Didja know?: This sexy lady is also touted to be the
female version of Rain
because she dances like a dream


MP3 player: Her appearance in an MP3 player
commercial got her noticed


Debut: Her first single entitled Cry Eye is a hip-hop
dance number. I like it.


Model: She walked down the catwalk for Swarovski
in Jan 2008

MV source: EverCool @ Soompi – Son Dam Bi thread
Pics credit: Hankooki

Son Dam-bi struts the catwalk for Swarovski
Son Dam-bi heads to Los Angeles too
Son Dam-bi continues to charm the Japanese
Son Dam-bi profile



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