C.I. Entertainment releases notice on FT Island concert issue

K-popped! has received a press release from C.I. Entertainment on the FT Island concert fiasco.

FT Island came to Malaysia, held a press conference (pic above) and
appeared at a couple of fan meets, but didn’t perform a concert as scheduled.

First of all, the rumour circulating among fans that the local organiser tried to trick FT Island’s manager into appearing at the concert venue is false.

(Update April 3: While C.I. Ent has denied the rumour, fans have on record a C.I. Ent rep relating the story to them).

C.I. Entertainment says in an e-mail, “We would just like to clarify that the hearsay/rumour that was mentioned (in K-popped!’s previous article) is not true.”

Now on to C.I. Entertainment’s message to all who have been affected by the cancellation of FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert.

Official notice: FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia 2008

Dear FT Islandfans, worried parents, sponsors, invited guests, members of the media and all the other parties involved or affected in/by FTIsland 1st Live in Malaysia 2008.

We would like to apologise for the cancellation of FTIsland1st Live inMalaysiaonMarch 30th 2008. The concert did not continue due to management decision at the very last minute and we would like to apologise for all the inconveniences caused.

We understand that the fans have placed their hopes to watch the concert and all of us are saddened by this decision as well.

Refund for the purchased tickets shall start on Sunday, April 5th and details for procedures, venueand time shall be disclosed on Thursday.

We will also be in touch with other parties involved in the concert such as theinternational fancommunities regarding other concerned issues.

Your kind understanding is very much appreciated and again, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.

– End –

Cancellation of FT Island concert in Malaysia
FT Island press conference in Malaysia
F.T.Island in Malaysia

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