Do you want the Fly to the Sky Remake Album?

Korean R&B duo Fly to the Sky (플라이 투 더 스카이) will be releasing a special remake album in conjunction with their 10th anniversary.

If you guys didn’t know, Fly to the Sky consist of Korean-American Brian Joo (27) and Hwanhee (26). The “remake album” is especially to reward their fans and it is a collection of cover versions of both Hwanhee and Brian’s favourite artists and songs. How sweet.


Hwanhee (left) and Brian would like to share
their favourite songs with you!

Fly to the Sky will be promoting this new remake album in Thailand, China and Vietnam.

Liz and i have been scouring the local music stores looking for Fly to the Sky albums, but we can’t find any. So we know how difficult it is to get Korean albums here in Malaysia.

Fly to the Sky’s official fan club are trying to get the remake album into our shores. Now wouldn’t that be neat! If you are a Malaysian, and want to puchase the album, support the fan club’s efforts by leaving a comment in this entry saying “Yes, I want a Fly to the Sky remake album”. Also, please state the number of copies you intend to purchase.



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