Gianna Jun in Blood: The Last Vampire

Here’s a look at the first image of Gianna Jun a.k.a Jeon Ji-hyeon’s Hollywood debut Blood: The Last Vampire.

School kid: Uh-huh that “little girl” in the centre there
is 27-year-old Jun Ji-hyun

Doesn’t she look like a teenager? The live-action remake of the Japanese anime is directed by French helmer Chris Nahon (Kiss of the Dragon).

Behind-the scenes: ‘Don’t get sassy with me.’

In the film, the 27-year-old Hallyu star plays Saya, a vampire who is part of a covert government agency that hunts and destroys demons in post WWII Japan. Saya is sent to infiltrate a military school to find out which one of her classmates is a demon!

Back to school: Gianna Jun heads back to the
classroom for her Hollywood flick

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