Having fun at Korean class

We may not be continuing with our Mind Your Korean series, but here’s a peek at what happened during K-popped!’s latest Korean class.

Orchid and I have been attending the Korean Beginner Level 2 class and are now capable of making simple, but longer sentences such as: 우리는 수요일에 ICLS에서 한국말을 배워요 :-).

Speaking Korean is another thing altogether. Let’s just say we can crack our Korean teacher up with our conversational skills. Oh yeah, Rain, we feel ya boy. We know how it’s like learning another language and have other people laugh at us.

But I digress. The reason for this entry is to share about a rather eventful class we had. During the class, we not only got a chance to tease 선생님 and laugh at the antics of a fellow classmate, but I managed to deliver a long-awaited punch line of mine!

Lost hunk

We’ve been tutored by 선생님 since Dec 2007 and have developed a warm camaraderie with her. 선생님 is a fun and absolutely great person to know, one who loves movies, music, Jay Chou (especially) and Lee Hom ;-).

The Pleasant Interruption (above) is illustrated by (the sleeping) Rooster

During class, 선생님 got all flustered and lost her teaching momentum for a bit after a rather pleasant interruption.

Halfway through class, we get a knock on the door and it opens. Standing at the doorway is a tall and handsome Chinese-looking young man who looks straight at 선생님 and goes:

Dude: Hi, I’m Jason XXX (he may look Asian, but he has a Mat Salleh (Caucasian)- sounding last name) and I’m here for the Korean class.

선생님: (looking very flustered and surprised) Oh, the Beginners’ class?

Dude: (hunk looks a little lost) It isn’t here?

선생님: (is that a slight blush I’m detecting on Teacher?) Beginner 1? It’s downstairs.

Dude: (hunk still a little confused) Ah….thank you (closes door and leaves).

Liz: 안녕하세요!!! (In other words, HELL-LOW!)

(our flustered 선생님 bursts out laughing, walks to her desk, holds on to it for support and starts wiping her face with her handkerchief)

Orchid: 선생님, 괜찮아요? (Teacher, are you alright?)

Teacher had to take a couple more secs to compose herself before continuing with the lesson.

Aww, 선생님, too bad the guy didn’t join us when we started class last year, huh? :-P. We’d have a 멋있어요 classmate!

Lost classmate

The language centre we are attending has three floors and at any given time, there are many language classes going on. To find out where our class will be held, we’d have to check the notice board to see where we’re being located for the evening.

We were having a conversation with fellow classmate MG before class started. Looking a little tired while trying to finish up her homework, MG related this funny story to us:

“I came early and went into a Korean class, sat down and started doing my homework. I thought it was our class as I didn’t read the notice board properly. But as it turns out, it’s the Korean Beginner Level 1 class! I was there for quite a while and the students thought I was the teacher!”

Er…MG, didn’t you notice that we weren’t in the class with you? But it’s OK, that evening was really tough for you. Besides, you were zoned out for most of the class. Hope you’ll feel better soon.

Liz (finally) delivers her punch line – 아싸!!!

Back in Mind Your Korean 2 (MYK2: The one where 선생님 beats Liz to the punch line) I blogged about how Teacher stole a punch line I’d been working on for a while. Bummer.

But then good things come to those who wait (four months!), right?

Ha ha, so yeah, I finally delivered my punch line in class. Well, it wasn’t comedy gold, but it cracked Orchid, 선생님 and one other classmate up.

선생님 was asking a fellow classmate whether she likes (Rain).

선생님: 좋아해요? Mr. Rain 좋아해요?

Liz: (gleefully puts on a frown and cuts in) 좋아해요!! 하지만, 사랑해요!! (complete with the typical Korean “saranghae” gesture)

선생님: *laughs*

For the benefit of those who can’t read Hangeul:

Teacher: Do you like Bi? Do you like Mr. Rain?

Liz: I DO NOT like Rain! BUT, I love him!

What? You aren’t laughing? Like I said, it isn’t comedy gold :-).

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