Korean entertainment’s Top 100

Want to know who the movers and shakers in the Korean entertainment industry are?

Premiere Korea listed down the Top 100 gliterrati in Korean showbiz and K-popped! highlights the stars that are familiar to us.

#1 – #20

Making everyone else eat his dust is the feminine-looking Bae Yong-joon, who has legions of ajumma fans in Japan. Go, go ajumma power!

Top Korean star Bae Yong-joon

SM Entertainment CEO Lee Soo-man, the man behind BoA and TVXQ, comes in at No. 4.

Lee Soo-man

Meanwhile, Park Jin-young – the singer/producer/songwriter who helped mold and shape Rain – slides in at No. 7.

Park Jin-young

Love your KBS World channel? Then you have man at No. 17 Jung Yun-joo to thank as he’s the president of the Korean Broadcasting System.

The Energizer Bunny a.k.a Jeong Ji-hoon…OK, Rain is hot on the heels of Mr. Jung of KBS. The Speed Racer actor zooms in at No. 18.

Jeong Ji-hoon

Laughing his way to No. 19 is MC and comedian Yoo Jae-suk, who lent his voice talent to the Korean version of Bee Movie.

Yoo Jae-seok

#21 – #40

Park Chan-wook the man who gave the masses Old Boy blazes a path to No. 27.

The man who gave you Se7en and Big Bang sits at No. 35. Yang Hyun-suk, who was formerly with rock band Seo Taiji and Boys, is currently running the successful YG Entertainment.

Yang Hyun-suk

Multiple award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon is at No. 39. While her Secret Sunshine co-star Song Kang-ho trails behind at No. 40.

Jeon Do-yeon

#41 – #60

There may be many haters out there, but Coffee Prince darling Yoon Eun-hye
is having the last laugh by coming in at No 44.

Yoon Eun-hye

The gamble on his career must have paid off for Cho Seung-woo, who is at No. 46. The Tazza: The High Rollers actor also does musicals.

Cho Seung-woo

Laughter is the way to go for both Kang Ho-dong and Park Jun-hyung who are at No. 49 and No. 51 respectively.

Kim Yun-jin isn’t Lost as the Korean actress has found her way to No. 59 of the Top 100 list.

Kim Yun-jin

#61 – #80

I don’t quite get the appeal of this actor, but Hallyu star Jang Dong-gun, who will be making his Hollywood debut in Laundry Warrior, is at No. 65.

Jang Dong-gun

Every hot-blooded guy loves sexy singer Lee Hyori, who is your Dark Angel at No. 72.

Lee Hyori

CF Queen Jeon Ji-hyeon, who makes her Hollywood debut in Blood: The Last Vampire sinks her fangs into No. 77.

#81 – #100

Young and successful, BoA slithers in at No. 84 while D-War director Shim Hyung-rae lands at No. 91.


TVXQ, or the Rising Gods of the East, reigns at No. 92 and causing a whole lot of ruckus at No. 95 is popular boyband, Big Bang…and that’s no Lie ;-).

Big Bang

Rounding up the Top 100 is the musician with the very expensive 15th anniversary album (97,000 won = RM355), Seo Taiji.

Seo Taiji

Source: K-popped! reader Darcy Kim & Premiere w
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