Oh Yeon-soo lock lips with Lee Dong-wook

Oh Yeon-soo (A Second Proposal) and Lee Dong-wook (My Girl) shared a kiss…for their new MBC drama Bittersweet Life. Oh, the perks of acting.

In the show, Oh Yeon-soo’s character, Hye-jin, discovers that her husband has been unfaithful and leaves for Japan. While at the airport, she meets a strapping young man named Joon-su (Lee Dong-wook), and sparks fly.

The photog: Er…hey, forget about the kiss, what’s a
photographer doing in the background of this still?

The Korean press is playing up the kiss because Oh is 10 years older than 27-year-old Lee. The drama starts airing in Korea on May 3, and also stars “cheek implants” actress Park Shi-yeon.

The actors commented on the scene saying, “It was so cold that we wanted the kiss scene, and all the other filming, to end quickly.”

Yeah, right.

The 37-year-old actress is no stranger to locking lips with young and good looking co-stars.

In the 2004 KBS drama A Second Proposal, Oh who plays a housewife dumped by her husband for a younger woman (hey, why is she taking on similar roles?), kissed her strapping, hunky co-star Oh Ji-ho (Single Papa In Love).

Man, like I said, the perks of acting are pretty good, huh? Wouldn’t mind some of that.

Oh Ji-hunk

A Second Proposal is currently showing on Astro KBS World (Channel 303). It’s on every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 something.

Have those two kiss yet? I am not following the drama religiously, just watching it on and off when I have the time.

Source: Yahoo! Korea with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: HanCinema & Newsen