Yoo Ye-eun, the blind piano prodigy

Here’s a touching and inspiring story for all our readers.

Blind since birth, 5-year-old Yoo Ye-eun appeared on Star King – a Korean talent competition show – in March 2007.

The little angel has not received any formal piano lessons, but has the gift to play-by-ear after listening to a song once.

Prodigy: Yoo Ye-eun on the piano

She started tinkling the ivories when she was three, after listening to her Mother sing. Since then, she has only been “learning” music through the computer.

Yoo Ye-eun’s performance during Star King (sorry, but video has been removed by Coolsmurf) left many teary-eyed as she deftly moved her fingers over the piano keys, and amazingly hit the right notes – all this without the sense of sight!

It is also revealed that Ye-eun is an adoptee. Oh, she sings AND plays the piano at the same time too! Now, how’s that for talent?