Affordable Korean Food at HanChon

Wanna know where to get really affordable Korean cuisine? My friends and i went to HanChon in Sri Hartamas and the set lunch there cost RM9.99 nett!

For RM10 (that’s like USD3), you get Korean side dishes, soup, your choice of main course and drink (Green Tea or soft drink). A pretty good deal if you asked me! All of us were very full and satisfied after lunch.

HanChon restaurant is located at a shop lot
tucked away in Sri Hartamas

Entrance to the restaurant – you may dine outside too

Hanchon’s cosy, colourful interior

HanChon seems to be famous for its fried chicken. Besides the set meals, you can order fried chicken in medium or large amounts (10 pieces or 24 pieces). They have two flavours – standard or hot (which my friends say isn’t very spicy). They also claim that their fried chicken is fried in canola oil which is healthier. HanChon restaurant does delivery of their famous fried chicken.

Okay, now back to our set lunch meals. For main course, you have a choice of:


HanChon Chicken (Wing / Drumstick) – Fried chicken (wing or drumstick) served with rice, salad & mash potatoes (potatoes + rice = carbo overkill!)

HanChon Cutlet – chicken cutlets served with rice, salad, mash potatoes with your choice of BBQ or teriyaki sauce

THE HANCHON SETS: Special fried chicken, salad,
mashed potatoes & rice. Each set meal comes
with soup,
a drink (soft drink / green tea) and
Korean side dishes (kimchi included).


  • Bulgogi (Beef rice)
  • Dakbulgogi (Chicken rice) (Shouldn’t it be dakgogi?)
  • Bibimbap (Mixed rice)
  • Ogingeo Deobbab (Squid Rice)
  • Kimchibokeumbab (Kimchi fried rice)
  • Sam Gye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup), priced @ RM15

I opted for the squid rice thinking it would come with tiny red Japanese octopus. The dish came with lots of cabbage and “squid” in the form of calamari rings instead! Not quite what i was expecting and the dish looked very different than what was shown in the menu. But it wasn’t too bad. The sauce was like tomato sauce and slightly sweet. It was served with a super large portion of Calrose rice.

Squid Rice with lots of cabbage

The Bulgogi Set & hot green tea


BURP! Here’s what our table looked
like after we were done with lunch

All in all it was a pleasant experience dining at HanChon. Although this is one of the first Korean restaurant i’ve been that does not use authentic Korean utensils. Yeah i missed the long handled spoons and metal chopsticks. The restaurant is comfortable and air-conditioned (a must in hot and humid Malaysia), and the food is good.

HanChon Korean Restaurant
30, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 1876 / 1877

All photos taken with a friend’s Apple iPhone

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11 comments on “Affordable Korean Food at HanChon


@anonymous, yes this restaurant is famous for it’s fried chicken (fried in canola oil – supposed to be healthier). They provide free delivery to Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Bukit Damansara, PJ Section 16, TTDI and Bangsar areas!


i think this restaurant also selling korean fried chicken rite? coz my korean lecturer sometime treat us the fried chicken. very yummy~~~


Good food at a good price. How can you beat that?! Thanks for the article.


Thanks Avie!


닭고기 yes would mean chicken meat but the dish is right though 닭불고기 because ‘bulgogi’ (which means fire meat) refers to the sauce used, not to the meat itself. yes when you say bulgogi you generally mean beef but in Korea it’s common to find other things like kochubulgogi or ojing-o bulgogi.

just thought i would clarify 😉


^^ yummy… awesome food n also de price was really unbelievable! dis sunday goin to try it if I’m free.


Hahaha.. I got the same free flowery mug from Power Root :p


Yeah, I enjoyed my squid rice as well. Yummy and only for RM10, what a steal.

Mastika, yeah we did check out the one at The Curve. It’s a Korean buffet restaurant called Shilla. I have the card somewhere. Pretty darn expensive, that one.

Mastika aka pikhachu79

Have you guys check out Taipan Subang Jaya yet. Got few Korean Restaurant there…never tried it because all of them seems to be non halal huhuhuhu…and ooo there is one in the Curve…that one might be halal…i think hehehe


@meiruo_chan You are absolutely right. I am quite sure it is halal. But i will double check and update my post.


nice and the price is affordable too. by the way Orchid, is this restaurant served ‘halal’ or ‘non-halal’ food? I think it would be a good help to our muslim friend if you mention it in your post. just an idea anyway.


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