Kwon Sang-woo in Pattaya, Thailand

Tired: I bet she is after all that prancing around at Pattaya
with Kwon Sang-woo!

The handsome Kwon Sang-woo was seen frolicking at a beach in Pattaya, Thailand with the Korean beauty above.

Rest & relax: The pair gets a tan

Before Oppa’s die-hard fans get their knickers into a twist, let us clarify that the pair were together for a CF shoot for Korean beauty brand The Face Shop, of which the delectable 32-year-old actor is representing.

The Bad Love actor, and his lady friend – actress Lee Bo-young (who is set to appear opposite Hyun Bin in the movie I’m Happy) – donned minimal white casuals for the commercial, which will be airing in Korea in summertime!

She is in a slip of a dress (and gets wet in it), while he fits snugly into his white jeans (and gets wet in it) while showing off his sculpted upper torso. Nice.

However, I must say that Sang-woo Oppa looks a little uncomfortable and stiff in the shots below. I wonder if it’s because he harbours some feelings for Miss Lee and can’t quite commit to the shoot?

Distraction: ‘Err…is that a fly on your forehead?’

Another distraction: ‘Just gimme a sec, I’m
feeling a little constipated.’

Solo: ‘Ahh, I’m now in my element’

Pics credit: Hankooki