Sri Hartamas in the afternoon

This is Sri Hartamas

Last Saturday, i spent a hot afternoon walking around in Koreatown #2 here in Kuala Lumpur. I call it Koreantown #2 because Sri Hartamas is a residential suburban neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur where you can find a large number of Korean restaurants and marts. It is also a well known place where the young, hip urban upper middle class meet especially at nights as there is a good number of swanky restaurants, pubs and mamak stalls.

Sri Hartamas prides itself for having lots of greenery

The first shop i saw after parking my car was
BBQ chicken. Is this a Korean franchise?

This place is great for an outing with your girlfriends as you may stop by for afternoon tea at the cafes and indulge in a bit of shopping at the quaint boutiques located here. There are more than several within walking distance to keep you occupied for the afternoon.

DRESSBAR sounds inviting and i popped into
the boutique on the 2nd floor.
They sell branded dresses
at knock down prices.

You and your friends can do you hair ala Korean style too. Spotted You Jung hair salon. Check out the pics of Hallyu stars stuck to the glass windows.

My main purpose for visiting Sri Hartamas was to buy some dried brown seaweed. I found it at Lotte Mart. I also discovered that they have a DVD rental thing going on behind the mini-mart. I was so excited to see Korean movie titles (and maybe dramas) for rent! But alas, my excitement was short-lived as the friendly Korean girls i met told me that there are no English subtitles. Sad.

Lotte Mart, Sri Hartamas
Korean mini market stocked with Korean food stuff

After purchasing seaweed, i ventured to the other side of Sri Hartamas looking for Full House boutique. I’ve wanted to visit this store ever since i’ve seen it while driving pass the Sprint Expressway. It is clearly visible and i wondered if the owner of the store is Korean and fancies the Full House drama. Does the boutique carry clothes worn by Song Hye Kyo during her Full House days? Hmmm…i simply must visit!

Cute shophouse!

On the way there, i passed a lego-like colourful building which houses Han Sang Korean restaurant. It looks very inviting and cute from the outside. The open-aired second floor veranda looks inviting too. Like i said, Full House Collection was way over the other side of Sri Hartamas, same row as the mega gym, True Fitness. I had to walk though some quiet alleys and wished that Liz was with me. But alas she decided to stay home and here i was alone.

Scary alley – i sure wouldn’t want to walk pass this place at night…

Finally…Full House Boutique

What did i find out? Full House boutique is NOT NAMED AFTER the Korean drama series after all. The store does sell some Korean accessories, but the clothes are not from Korea nor is the owner a Korean. He’s a Malaysian Chinese and designs the clothes that hang on the racks of the shop. After chatting with the owner and trying on a couple of dresses – most do not fit me that well, i decided to leave. But before heading for the door, i stopped by the shoes section where i saw a pair of black platform wedges that i liked. The friendly lady serving me said “These just arrived yesterday”.

Here are my purchases…

Dried seaweed – miyeok (RM4.90)

Black platform wedges from Full House boutique (RM59)