2008 MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia

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Finally, Malaysia is about to see some (almost?) guaranteed K-pop action, thanks to the 2008 MTV Asia Awards.

Coming soon: The MTV Asia Awards is set to rock Malaysia

The prestigious pan-regional music event is going to be held right in our backyard folks, at the Arena of Stars in Genting – City of Entertainment.

Genting Highland is Malaysia’s “sin city” as it’s famous for its casinos. The city on a hill is also known for its haunted hotels as many have committed suicide after losing big – probably their life savings – at the casinos. Hmm, I don’t make a very good spokesperson for the place, huh?

Anyway, Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars will be hosting the August 2nd event.

Jared Leto: ‘It’s an honour to be a part of what I’m sure will be an exciting and
unforgettable night in a magical and beautiful country. MTV has been an important
home for 30 Seconds to Mars throughout our worldwide journey. I am very proud to
join everyone in such a unique and gorgeous location like Malaysia. It is going to be a
crazy and wonderful night.’

This will be the first time the event – which is now in its 6th edition – is held in Malaysia. Previously, the party was held in Singapore (thrice) and Bangkok (twice).

There’s a category for our beloved K-pop acts called the Favourite Artist Korea and the nominees are: Big Bang, Sonyeoshidae, Wonder Girls and Super Junior. Wow, power to the K-pop groups!

The online poll has started and it ends on July 25.

The winning K-pop act will most likely be performing at the event. Past winners of the category include Rain (2005) and Se7en (2006). Apparently, there was no award ceremony in 2007 – oh, really. Why?

Who do you think deserves the award this year? Personally, I would like Big Bang to win and subsequently come and perform here in Malaysia! That’d be awesome!

Big Bang ain’t tellin’ no Lies when they say they are
nominated for the award

Sonyeoshidae ain’t gettin much love these days
back home in Korea…will they be showered with affection
from other parts of Asia?

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Super Junior boys will be coming to
Malaysia for a concert. No confirmation on that so far, so this event could probably
be the only time Malaysian fans get to watch them live.

Will Wonder Girls be So Hot enough to sizzle their way
to the awards ceremony?

Source & Pics credit: MTV Asia Awards Korea & MTV Asia Awards

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