Cast selected for East of Eden

East of Eden, the 50-episode big budget MBC drama has revealed the leads. I am familiar with three of them, namely Destiny heartthrob Song Seung Hun (32) rock chick and My Girl’s Lee Da Hae (24) and A Millionaire’s First Love’s Lee Yeon Hee (20). The other male lead will be played by Yeon Jung Hoon (30).


Tough decision
Who will Song Seung Heon (송승헌) choose?
Lee Yeon Hee (이연희) or Lee Da Hae (이다해)

The drama will be about two boys (Song and Yeon’s characters) born at the same hospital and their fates intertwine.
Now i bet both ladies fall for the handsome Song Seung Hun but only one of them would end up with his love and affections. With 50-episodes to kill, i am sure there will be lots of complications in the drama.

Who do you think will get the man in the end? Will it be Lee Da Hae or Lee Yeon Hee? Who will you be rooting for? For me, i prefer the quiet and demure Lee Yeon Hee compared to loud and boisterous Lee Da Hae. Now i do not know what kind of women they each will portray in the drama yet, that’s just a hunch from what i’ve seen in their previous works. I could well be wrong though.

Are you looking forward to the drama? I am looking forward to see Song Seung Hun in his first drama after returning from military service. He dove straight into the movie Destiny after his compulsory 2-years.


Yeon Jung Hoon (연정훈) doesn’t matter which girl…
he just wants one of them.

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