Park Jung-ah and Ryan model for Likliv

Cool as ice: Park Jung-ah (left) smiles smugly as she shares the stage
with hot young dude Ryan. Eat your hearts out you adolescent chickadees.

Jewelry chick Park Jung-ah and Paran dude Ryan strut the catwalk for sports brand Likliv in a fashion show earlier this afternoon.

The event was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Did they do a good job? Do you feel like hitting the gym or park after looking at the pictures?

Straight line: ‘Remember eyes front, head up and try not to
trip on your own toes.’


The gentleman: ‘Ladies first, Jung-ah noona.’


Derek Zoolander?: Ryan’s going for
Blue Steel – awesome! Step aside Ben Stiller!


Four eyes: After complaining to the stage
manager that he can’t see the catwalk clearly,
Ryan gets a pair of spectacles.


Lady in pink:…and black/ navy blue?
Jung-ah rocks the handbag


Legs, legs: ‘Want to play a game of
tennis with me?’


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