Stars at the 2008 Dream Concert

Top Korean entertainers came out to play on June 7 at the 2008 Dream Concert, which was held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

The stars lit up the red carpet as they arrived and here’s a look at some of the more familiar ones.

Numero Uno!: The boys of A’STAR 1 shout for joy when they
discover that they are the first on the scene

Bling?: For a group who call themselves Jewelry, they sure
are devoid of bling

Where’s the circus?: Tired of playing Monkey all the time,
MC Mong decides to go as the Ringmaster!

Mighty Trio: The Mighty Mouse men share
the limelight with singer JJ

So hot: The Wonder Girls heat up the red carpet

Snap, crackle & pop: Poppin’ Hyun-joon
shows off his skinny ankles

Shiny: The Shinee boys aren’t going down without a fight. 아자 아자!

Fashion SOS: The SS501 boys lost their stylist before coming
for the event

Mega-group: Suju, as always, dominate the red carpet
when they arrive. Eh, how come there are only 12?

Gloomy: ‘What are you lookin’ at? You want a piece of me?’
Epik High boys need to learn how to smile when taking pics.

Ladies in white: Girls’ Generation stand out in pure white

Crispy: Special guest of the evening is K-1 fighter
and man with the tan, Choo Sung-hoon

Pics credit: Newsen

Dream Concert 2008