Putting a face on Zia

The songbird who prefers to hide behind the camera, Zia, has finally revealed how she looks like to the public.

Zia, who brought the K-popped! masses tracks such as Blank Stare and Guardian Angel, has decided to reveal herself in conjunction with the release of her first full length album, Road Movie Vol. 1.

Check her out below!

Big reveal: Zia still hides behind clever angles

I know, not much to go by…you know what, the K-popped! Trio should take a leaf out of Zia’s book and pose like her instead of showing our backs all the time :-P.

Anyway, Zia’s new album drops today (July 14).

The singer’s MV are usually elaborate, episodic mini dramas with St. Hobbo Oppa Shin Hyun-joon cast as the leading man.

However, the buzz over her new album isn’t about her mini drama-like MV. The talk is about the track I Only See You, which features T.O.P of Big Bang. (Wow, is T.O.P. the man of the moment or what? Busy, busy man).

Check out the MV for the song below. It’s actually made up of three songs(!) and stars Shin Hyun-joon and Honey Lee.

The main song is I Love You, I’m Sorry. However, I Only See You and 우두커니 are also used.

Source (partial) & Pic credit: HanKyung.com

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