Stars at the Gucci 08-09 F/W Collection event

The South Korean glitterati sparkled at the Gucci 08-09 F/W Collection event in Seoul last night.

The party, which started at 8pm, was held at the Vista Hall in the upscale Hotel W.

Check out whether your favourite celeb(s) was there.

Kim Ha-neul: ‘Yes, touch it. My skin is flawless.’

Kim Jung-eun: The doe-eyed actress and talk show host
wrestles with a headache

Ji Hyun-woo: It’s another day on the job
for the Rain look-a-like

Kim Sung-su: This is the Oppa who played
Cupid in the Kwon Sang-woo/ Sohn Tae-young

Lee Dong-wook: ‘Help, I’m drowning
in these clothes.’

Lee Ji-ah: ‘Happy to be here.’

Lee Jin-wook: Has one too many
designs on him

Lee Yeon-hee: Works the polka
dot shoes

Sung Yuri: Stares off into the distance
for a romantic effect

Kim Hyo-jin: Nonchalantly poses for
the photogs

Ha Seok-jin & Lee Eun-sung: Couple attire.
Seok-jin looks like he’s about to choke to death.

Ha Jung-woo:…wishes he was
somewhere else.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen